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October 2002    Features

Roy Brooks: Hard Bop Hard Time

It’s been a long time coming, but the extraordinary jazz drummer Roy Brooks may finally be on his way back from hell. At least it seems that way on this hot July day, as bright sunshine streams through the big windows of Parnall Correctional Facility’s visitation...


May 2002    Overdue Ovation

Marcus Belgrave

Marcus Belgrave slowly guides his minivan down a slush-encrusted street on Detroit’s east side, sipping lukewarm coffee from an aluminum travel-mug and peering out into the foggy, mid-day gloom. For the second time in as many minutes, his cell phone goes...


September 2001    Overdue Ovation

Wendell Harrison, Phil Ranelin and Tribe

Wendell Harrison ponders the pile of memorabilia sprawling across his ancient dining room table. Old album covers, posters, a big stack of magazines, a smattering of program books lay in a jumble around the Detroit reed master, all testifying to a bygone...

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