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May 2003    Gearhead

PANArt Hang

The Hang (pronounced "hung"), manufactured by PANArt of Bern, Switzerland, is a revolutionary hybrid instrument and a stellar addition to the world of melodic percussion. The instrument, which looks like a flying saucer, resulted from many years of research...


November 2001    Gearhead

Remo Doumbek

The doumbek, the most popular of the pan-Islamic drums, is most often constructed of pottery or metal, with heads made either of natural skins or synthetic materials. The instrument is usually played across the lap or upright for more power. Remo offers...

October 2001    Solo

Jazz Bubbles in Music’s Melting Pot

Jazz may have been born in America, but more than ever it is the music of the world. From its inception more than a century ago, jazz thrived in a spirit of multiethnic inclusion—the “gumbo” that Ken Burns refers to in his controversial documentary, Jazz...

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