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07/26/13    Gearhead

Eastman Guitars’ AR371CE

An affordable jazz box that’s hard to beat


October 2010    Gearhead

Peavey Custom Shop’s Masterpiece 50 Combo: Amp Aficionado

Guitar amp offers boutique quality from a big company

July/August 2010    Gearhead

The Moog Guitar Model E1: Sustain, Ability

Russell Carlson reviews new model guitar from Moog

October 2009    Gearhead

Gearhead: Carr Rambler Amplifier

Years ago I had a club gig booked and, a few days before the show, the club owner (an Internet millionaire, don’t-cha-know) phoned to tell me I could save myself some trouble and leave my own amp at home. He said had me covered with a house amp. For better...


November 2008    Gearhead

Peavey ReValver MKIII Amp-Modeling Software

The only thing better than having a tube amp for your guitar is having a tube amp for your guitar, plus someone who pays for it and carries it. I’ve gone broke (and have nearly broken my back) playing the tube-amp game over the years, trying to find the...


August 2008    Gearhead

Taylor SolidBody Custom Guitar

Bob Taylor’s guitar factory crafts acoustic guitars with such focus and dedication to quality that I always figured “unplugged” was Bob’s sole bag. I was wrong. In 2005, Taylor put one foot into electric-land by unveiling the T5 hybrid acoustic/electric...


November 2007    Gearhead

Eastman ER2 El Rey Guitar

Naming a guitar El Rey takes a certain assuredness as, from the Spanish, El Rey translates to The King. Not that there needs to be any one singular king among six-strings, and not that luthier Otto D’Ambrosio is literally declaring his archtop design THE...


November 2007    Gearhead

Parker PJ14 Archtop Guitar

The original Parker guitars have to be the most, if not the only, beautiful things ever birthed in Rochester, N.Y. (apologies to Steve Gadd). When Ken Parker began rolling these solidbody electrics out of his upstate New York workshop in the 1990s, they...


July/August 2007    Gearhead

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom Guitar

Don’t let the Paul Reed Smith logo on the headstock convince you that this guitar is out of your price range, too good for a beginner or novice guitarist, or for Santanaphiles only. It merely takes flipping over that headstock to know this surely ain’t Carlos...


May 2007    Gearhead

BOSS Micro BR Digital Recorder

From our phones to our stereo systems, svelte tech appears to be every man’s desire these days. So it was only a matter of time before something like Boss’ Micro BR digital recorder came along. Other companies have marketed similarly small recording units...


December 2006    Gearhead

M-Audio Black Box

Unless you’re a guitar-slinging hermit living out in the sticks where not a soul can be pestered by the sound of your endless practice sessions, there are bound to be times when you need to noodle as quietly as possible. Neighbors, spouses, roommates, even...


September 2006    Gearhead

Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner

In recent years, Planet Waves has expanded its arsenal of tools for the performing guitarist with some truly innovative products. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a new line of tuners that includes, among other innovations, a strobe tuner the size...


June 2006    News

Miles Davis: Welcome to Jazz-Rock

On March 13 the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame added another five musical acts to its growing list of honorees: heavy metal progenitors Black Sabbath, new wavers Blondie, Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, British punks the Sex Pistols and legendary rock ’n’ roller...


May 2006    Gearhead

JazzKat Guitar Amp

I’ll cut straight to the chase here: The JazzKat, for more reasons than just how it sounds, is one sweet guitar amplifier. There’s a reason John Pizzarelli puts his name on it. Take a look at Pizzarelli’s tour dates. He’ll work his way up the California...


April 2006    Gearhead

Instrumental Innovations

Believe it or not, but Art Tatum played numerous live performances of "Tiger Rag" in Anaheim, Calif., this past January. He played it twice for me, in fact, and both times it was like watching the man race toward that cheeky last bit of staccato punctuation...


March 2006    Gearhead

Hughes & Kettner Duotone Combo Amp

Take a look at the surface controls on Hughes & Kettner's Duotone combo amp. That's a lot of knobs--14, plus four toggle switches--which can only mean that it's an amp built for the guitarist's guitarist. This all-tube animal is for those who need something...

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