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June 2003    Hearsay

Assif Tsahar

Between his long improvisations, running the Hopscotch record label and playing in many projects, it's amazing that tenor saxophonist Assif Tsahar gets a chance to catch a breath. "I'm overreaching" Tsahar says, "but it's not easy for me to slow down." A...


March 2003    Hearsay

Khan Jamal

"A lot of times a guy will bring a piece and say, 'Let's play this Latin.' And I'll say, 'Sorry, I'm not Latino, I'm African,'" says vibraphonist Khan Jamal. "'So I'll play it African for you.'" That simple statement says so much about the 56-year-old, Philly...


March 2003    Hearsay

Ben Schachter

Just a few blocks from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Ben Schachter's Trio of Many is working on a new style of freedom and democracy. For four years the trio has been workshopping on Monday nights at St. Jack's in Philadelphia's Old City district...


September 2002    Albums

Songbird Suite
Susie Ibarra Trio

If there was such a thing as free-jazz hit singles, the opening track from the Susie Ibarra Trio's Songbird Suite would have Carson Daly and Casey Kasem counting down "Azul" for weeks, if not months. As Ibarra's drums stay in the background, pianist Craig...


July/August 2002    Albums

Axis and Alignment
Chicago Underground Duo

The Windy City is a chilly town, but that hasn't prevented Rob Mazurek from making friends amid Chicago's adventurous music scene. Whether the cornetist is sitting in with alt.rock acts Tortoise, Stereolab and Jim O'Rourke, or fronting the avant-funk sextet...


May 2002    Albums

Philadelphia Spirit in New York
Byard Lancaster/Odean Pope/Ed Crockett/J.R. Mitchell

Although John Coltrane was born in North Carolina, and resided in the New York City area for most of his career, Philadelphia still claims him as its own since he lived there during his formative years. His spirit is very much alive in the city's jazz scene...


April 2002    Albums

Under the Bridge
Philadelphia Heritage Art Ensemble

Philadelphia Heritage Art Ensemble, led by trumpeter Fred Adams, has given itself the difficult mission of attempting to keep "the tradition of East Coast bebop...alive and before the people." It's dedicated to the funky hard-bop style created by Philly...

April 2002    Albums

Transcend and Triumph
Bobby Zankel Trio

On Transcend & Triumph alto saxophonist Bobby Zankel leads a group that achieves one of the most difficult feats in jazz: it sounds both loose and tight simultaneously. With guitarist Rick Iannacone and drummer Craig McIver, Zankel is complemented perfectly...

March 2002    Hearsay

Gebhard Ullmann

Although he may be German by descent and residence, multireedist Gebhard Ullmann is a man of the world. In the ’90s, Ullmann enjoyed a split residency between Brooklyn and Berlin. But because European bookings and New York rent increased, Ullmann now lives...


March 2002    Albums

Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
Jemeel Moondoc Vtet

Keeping with the Eremite Records practice of releasing live concerts as CDs, the label has issued two great performances of the underappreciated alto saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc. Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys and Spirit House each capture Moondoc's two...

02/25/02    Concerts

The Philadelphia Festival of Jazz 2002

The Painted Bride Arts Center is one of Philadelphia's great cultural institutions, hosting a multicultural variety of performance and visual arts at its wonderful Old City location. In particular, the Jazz on Vine series is the longest continuously running...


January/February 2002    Albums

The Shell Game
Tim Berne

When a musician doesn't make a studio recording for many years, it's unusual to consider that period to be one of his most productive. But as a leader or co-leader, saxophonist Tim Berne has released over a dozen live records since the last time he set up...


January/February 2002    Albums

Auto de Fe
Enten Eller/Tim Berne

On Auto de Fe, Tim Berne joins the Italian quartet Enten Eller for a live date in March 2000. Although it's not their first meeting-Splasc(H) has also released a 1999 live date, Melquiades-Berne doesn't gel with the band. With the prog-rock/jazz quartet...


January/February 2002    Albums

The Trio Concerts
Joe Maneri Trio

Saxophonist/clarinetist/pianist Joe Maneri is a fine innovator in style and technique. That artistry, however, doesn't always transfer to his records. These three releases do not capture his unique microtonal techniques properly: they are all less-than-spectacular...


January/February 2002    Albums

Joe Morris

It's easy to be a little skeptical about this CD-not about its performer or quality, but about how Singularity was made: Its performer and producer claim that the album is a live studio disc without any overdubbing. Morris plays with such unbelievable virtuosity...


January/February 2002    Albums

Blue Series Continuum: Masses
Spring Heel Jack

British drum 'n' bass duo Spring Heel Jack's newest project, recorded with a score of avant-garde jazz musicians, is a milestone album-though one not always successful. Part of Thirsty Ear's "Blue Series," curated by pianist Matthew Shipp, the album features...

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