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11/14/15    Chops

Chops: School of Swing

Steve Smith coaches rockers on the tenets of jazz drumming


12/12/13    Artist's Choice

Artist’s Choice: Steve Smith on Young(er) Drum Masters

In tune with tradition, but bringing fresh ideas


September 2002    Albums

Barcelona Series
Sven-Ake Johansson/Axel Dorner/Andrea Neumann

Alongside Han Bennink, the Swedish-born, Berlin-based drummer Sven-Ake Johansson was one of the pioneers of European free improvisation. He performed on several early releases by saxophonist Peter Brotzmann, including the latter's self-released debut, For...


June 2002    Albums

21 Broken Melodies at Once
Alfredo Triff

Cuban violinist Alfredo Triff first crossed paths with audio auteur Kip Hanrahan on the latter's 1988 release, Days and Nights of Blue Luck Inverted, spinning ardent lines behind David Murray's bedroom tenor sax on Astor Piazzolla's "Ah, Intruder! (Female...


May 2002    Albums

The River of Sounds
Borah Bergman

Every now and then, the inadequacy of language to describe a musical performance fairly well smacks you upside the head-especially when the performance in question is a free improvisation. In the case of pianist Borah Bergman's The River of Sounds, that...


May 2002    Albums

Meet the Curlews!

The Knitting Factory chose wisely when it selected Curlew's kinetic, tuneful "St. Croix" to open the first of its Live at the Knitting Factory releases back in 1991. The brainchild of Mississippi-born saxophonist and composer George Cartwright, Curlew was...


November 2001    Albums

The Big Head
Ballin' the Jack

Saxophonist and clarinetist Matt Darriau's swing band Ballin' the Jack made its aims clear on its first album, Jungle. Instead of offering the typical carefully embalmed versions of swing-era repertoire-or even the tightly puckered, airless readings of Don...


October 2001    Albums

Release the Day
Barney McAll

Australian keyboardist Barney McAll bears an impressive resume. He's studied with Barry Harris and Mulgrew Miller and played with Billy Harper, Dewey Redman, Richie Cole and the Groove Collective, among others. Since 1996, the two musicians that have influenced...


September 2001    Albums

Poco a Poco
Ganelin Trio

The saga of The Ganelin Trio, an avant-garde jazz ensemble from the Soviet Union, was one of the most extraordinary stories of the late '70s and early '80s. Keyboardist Vyacheslav Ganelin, saxophonist Vladimir Chekasin and percussionist Vladimir Tarasov...


June 2001    Albums

Michael Blake

The titular drift of saxophonist Michael Blake's sophomore effort might well be of the continental variety-large masses of land have parted company in less time than it took to follow up his debut release, 1997's dazzling Kingdom of Champa. Happily, the...


June 2001    Albums

The Sound of Surprise
Bill Bruford and Earthworks

Best known for his high-profile stints in Yes and King Crimson, drummer Bill Bruford has been taking little vacations from his day job for something like two decades now. With each of his successive side projects, he's edged closer to the trappings of mainstream...


June 2001    Albums

Chris Potter

Following a string of acclaimed releases on indie labels, a clutch of significant awards and honors and a profile-raising stint with Steely Dan, saxophonist Chris Potter makes his major-label debut with Gratitude, an album of mostly original material in...


June 2001    Features

Archie Shepp: The Sound and the Fury

Cincinnati’s April riots, ignited by the police shooting of Timothy Thomas and fuelled by lingering racial tensions, took me back to the culmination of Spike Lee’s 1989 film Do the Right Thing: I was searching for a context in order to understand the images...

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