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October 2007    Artist Profiles

René Marie: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Following four highly regarded recordings for MaxJazz, vocalist René Marie independently released her new CD, Experiment in Truth, on May 26 without much fanfare. That same evening, Marie played at Charleston, South Carolina’s Spoleto Festival, her last...

06/13/06    Concerts

The Fès Festival of World Sacred Music

The city of Fès scarcely seems like it could be home to nearly a million Moroccans. Surrounded by medieval walls and ramparts, the medina, or old city, is a hive of activity, but one that conceals as much as it puts on display. Vendors’ booths piled high...


December 2003    Features

Singing for Our Supper

Marketing instrumental jazz has never been easy. It’s a niche market, and one that requires a certain amount of intelligence, dedication and patience on the part of its customers. With attention spans flagging, the economy ailing and the music industry in...


October 2003    Overdue Ovation

Ernie Andrews: No Regrets

Sure, writing about music is a little like tap dancing about architecture, but beyond the usual inadequacies caused by translating from one mode of expression to another, writing about Ernie Andrews has its own particular challenges. His performances are...


December 2002    Features

Anita O’Day: Yesterday & O’Day

“Hello, camera! You want some shots with the boobies? We ignore ’em, but they’re there.” Outfitted in a silver blouse and pearl earrings, vocal legend Anita O’Day ambles toward center stage at New York City’s Fez. As it turns out, she only looks demure...


May 2002    Albums

The Best of Etta Jones: The Prestige Singles
Etta Jones

Late last year, JazzTimes asked its writers to contribute their highs and lows for 2001. The two extremes have melded into a single, bittersweet memory for me-that of 72-year-old vocalist Etta Jones in her last performances at the Village Vanguard. I knew...


January/February 2002    Albums

Girl Talk
Ernie Andrews

I once asked Jon Hendricks, the Godfather of vocalese, if he had a favorite singer. His immediate answer? Ernie Andrews, who, he informed me, is a singer in the same class as Joe Williams, Jimmy Rushing, Al Hibbler and Billy Eckstine. Having made a couple...


December 2001    Features

The Women Jacketed By Records

As I remember her, Erroll Garner was attractive and self-confident. Waves of reddish-brown hair swung skyward behind her left ear. Narrowed blue eyes peered from under thin, arched brows. Perhaps she wore too much lipstick, but the red oval circling neat...


December 2001    Albums

Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia 1933-1944
Billie Holiday

"This month there has been a real find in the person of a singer named Billie Halliday [sic]," wrote John Hammond in the British monthly Melody Maker in April 1933. The fledgling columnist had stopped by a small Harlem nightspot named Monette's, expecting...


September 2001    Albums

Come Dream With Me
Jane Monheit

Since the release of her debut recording, Never Never Land, a mere year and a half ago, 23-year-old vocalist Jane Monheit has been hailed as a sultry, young, white reincarnation of Ella Fitzgerald. With due respect to Monheit, the comparison is neither fair...


September 2001    Albums

The Complete Columbia Recordings of Mildred Bailey
Mildred Bailey

A total of 214 tracks over 10 discs of Mildred who? Although her name is less familiar to today's audiences than Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Anita O'Day, Mildred Bailey (1903-51) was perhaps the most influential female singer at a critical moment...


September 2001    Albums

The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan
Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves continues to grapple with a challenge facing all contemporary jazz singers, namely what to sing. She obviously enjoys drawing from a broad range of material; previous albums present songs by Cole Porter and Jule Styne alongside those of Cat...


July/August 2001    Albums

Nothin' But Love
Bertha Hope

Nothin' but Love, pianist Bertha Hope's first domestic recording as a leader, is not without its flaws. Hope, a veteran musician in her mid-60s, could be more agile pianistically speaking. Her attacks sometimes lack the precision expected in this era of...


June 2001    Albums

Doin' the Do!
Dave Berger and The Sultans of Swing

The swing revival may have peaked a couple of years ago in terms of being a fashionable retro movement, nonetheless, the bands keep playing and the music keeps coming. Why, casual listeners may wonder? Simply put, genuine devotion outlives popular fads...


June 2001    Albums

Spirits of Congo Square
The New Orleans Legacy Ensemble

The first recording by the New Orleans Legacy Ensemble is aptly titled Spirits of Congo Square-unfortunately, not in remembrance of the city's lively past as the birthplace of jazz, but for their wan, ghostlike performance. Despite the notable cast of musicians...


May 2001    Features

Shirley Horn: Around the Horn with Shirley

Aside from a boat-sized Cadillac moored in the driveway, the white stucco house in Northeast Washington, D.C., betrays few signs of its occupants. No lights shine, inside or out. Metal bars guard first-story windows with heavy curtains drawn beneath. Grating...

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