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June 2001    Albums

Joao Paulo/Peter Epstein

Having previously recorded the albums O Exilio and Almas, pianist Joao Paulo and soprano and alto sax player Peter Epstein are no strangers to each other. With seven original compositions-six by Paulo and one by Epstein-Esquina opens with "Canto," a soft...


June 2001    Albums

Caminhos Cruzados (Crossed Paths)
Ulisses Rocha/Teco Cardoso

Brazilian acoustic guitarist Ulisses Rocha teams up with reedman Teco Cardoso, a member of the Orquestra Popular de Camara, for a series of 10 duets on Caminhos Cruzados (Crossed Paths). Whereas Rocha plays only acoustic guitar on the CD, Cardoso uses the...


June 2001    Albums

Brazilian Jazz
Lalo Schifrin

Time warp. Originally released in 1962 under the title Bossa Nova: New Brazilian Jazz, this reissue features four members of the 1957 Dizzy Gillespie quintet delving into Brazilian music. But despite the high-caliber performers this album is a good example...


April 2001    Albums

Alex De Grassi and Quique Cruz

Like a marriage between heaven and earth, the encounter of masterful musicians Alex de Grassi and Quique Cruz unites musical traditions from North and South America on TataMonk, which contains some of the most beautiful and mystical-sounding melodies you...


April 2001    Albums

So Many Stars
Samba Brasil

Samba Brasil's musical undertaking is full of energy but the vocals fall way short. The quartet, made up of Catalina Szabo (vocals, piano, keyboards), Gene Bozzi (drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, vocals), Jeff Fuller (guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Tim...


March 2001    Albums

La Verraquera!
Diego Marulanda and Pacandé

The story is not unusual: A musician leaves his homeland and, though far away, he remains true to his roots and culture. That is the story of Diego Marulanda and his 16-member band Pacande. After leaving Colombia, Marulanda moved to Canada and established...


March 2001    Albums

Mallet Hands
Ray Armando and his Playground Quintet

Ray Armando has appeared on some of the greatest jazz and Latin albums of all time and has played with Duke Ellington, Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Nina Simone, Gato Barbieri, Tito Puente and Lionel Hampton, just to name a few. After all...


January/February 2001    Albums

Guilherme Vergueiro/Carlos Dos Santos

Espiritu is majestic. Brazilian pianist Guilherme Vergueiro teams up with seven-string guitarist Carlos dos Santos for this timeless album. From the opening track, a 10-minute, glorious rendition of K-Ximbinho's "Ternura (Tenderness)," the union of piano...


January/February 2001    Albums

João Paulo

Portuguese music is often associated with fado, the nostalgic and melancholic musical expression of the soul. While not that form, the modern improvisations on pianist Joao Paulo's Almas are imbued with fado's rich emotional feel. On five original compositions...


January/February 2001    Albums

Márcio Faraco

Being able to improve on a long-standing tradition requires a lot of courage and artistry. Marcio Faraco seems to have been born with that innate ability. He does not hide his musical influences in the 11 original songs he penned for Ciranda. Influenced...


January/February 2001    Albums

Viva Brazil
Tania Maria

Incomparable Brazilian singer Tania Maria is dynamic, innovative, energetic and soulful. Her enthusiasm can at times, though, lead her to ramble on some of her renditions. On Viva Brazil, however, she is definitely more controlled. She is one of the few...


January/February 2001    Albums

Antonio Forcione

Guitarist Antonio Forcione has stunned European audiences for years. On his twelfth release, Live!, Forcione showcases music from his previous albums and introduces three previously unrecorded tracks. His wizardry on nylon, fretless and steelstring guitars...


November 2000    Albums

Music Journal
Marcelo Zarvos

With an astonishing opening track, Marcelo Zarvos clearly outlines his proposition for his third release: mix classical chamber music, jazz and Brazilian themes in eight original compositions. Weaving lyricism with Brazilian folk and urban music, Zarvos...


November 2000    Albums

Rabo De Lagartixa

Dating back to the 1870s, choro is Brazil's most enduring and lively musical genre. It is the heart and soul of Brazilian music. A dynamic quintet, Rabo de Lagartixa is made up of Daniela Spielmann (saxes), Alessandro Valente (cavaquinho), Marcello Goncalves...

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