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10/19/14    Community Articles

New Music review on Tony Adamo's 2013 release Miles of Blu

"Tony Adamo: Poet of Jazz Funk Hip spoken word master Tony Adamo has received much praise for his work, and rightly so." Ben Cisco's World of Music Rock | Blues | Jazz | R&B | World Music | Indie Tony Adamo Devon Jackson of Entertainment Weekly noted...

09/11/14    Community Articles

A Taste of Things To Come From Tony Adamo!

Bop-N-Jazz It's Not Just Jazz Anymore! Wednesday, September 10, 2014 A Taste of Things To Come From Tony Adamo! A preview of coming attractions! Brent Black / Tidings of great joy shall be to all people in January of 2015 with the release...

08/28/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Lenny White

Strokeland Records jazz artist Tony Adamo has completed the recording of his new un-named CD at Raw Recording, Paterson, NY. Legendary drummer, Mike Clark, is producing again as he did on Adamo's last release, MILES OF BLU. Tim Ouimette did all of the music...

07/12/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Is Coming! It's Not Just Jazz Anymore!

Friday, July 11, 2014 Tony Adamo Is Coming! BRENT BLACK/@Critical Jazz The perfect improvisational vocal storm! Tony Adamo’s hip spoken vocals cut a lyrical path of cool that lays down a vocal path of devastation few contemporaries can match! Mike Clark...

06/22/14    Community Articles

The Headhunters are coming! Mike Clark Bill Summers Tony Adamo

Brent Black Bop-N-Jazz Productions/ The Headhunters are coming! The legendary ensemble that redefined funk are finishing work on a new release. Co-leaders Mike Clark & Bill Summers are back! Clark the iconic drummer and...

04/27/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo/I'll Never Be Played On Jazz Radio Again

As I Dig It/ Tony Roc Adamo I'll never be played on Jazz Radio again. Oldie's But Goodies Jazz Radio or the Dead Playlist will never die. I comb the air waves for jazz playlist-lists like a trawler fisherman for the Dead Playlist. And dig it. Jazz radio...

03/23/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo's Cold Duck moves up from #15 to #3 in Top 25 Nu-Jazz Chart

Top MP3 Downloads in the Last 10 Days/Allaboutjazz

03/20/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo's Cold Duck Time climbs to #6 on Top 25 /3/20/14 Allaboutjazz

Tony Adamo's Cold Duck Time climbs to #6 on Top 25/3/20/14 Allaboutjazz Top MP3 Downloads in the Last 10 Days Tony Adamo's smooth and funky Cold Duck Time goes to # 6 on Allaboutjazz top 25/Nu-jazz MP3's/ New words by Tony Adamo with permission from the...

03/02/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Now @#14 in Top 25 Allaboutjazz/3/2/14

Now @#14. Cold Duck Time (4:00)Allaboutjazz Top 25 Tony Adamo From: What is Hip? (Urbanzone Records) Featured: 2014-03-18 | New words by Tony Adamo with permission by Eddie Harris estate.

02/24/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo and the Headhunters

Mike Clark Says This “Tony Adamo is one of the more interesting artists that I have worked with in years. His deep blues, Oakland style funk and jazz roots are locked in at a deep emotional level. In the tradition of Kerouac, Mark Murphy and Gil Scot, Tony...

01/07/14    Community Articles

The Headhunters and Beyond with Tony Adamo

The Headhunters and Beyond- Tony Adamo's new vocal hip-spoken word scratch tracks were recorded in Reno, NV on January 4th, 2014. All in one click the tacks were sent to Bill Summers (New Orleans) and Mike Clark (New York City)former member...s of Herbie...

12/28/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Bill Summers

Vocal/hip-spoken' word artist Tony Adamo. Will be co-produced by Mike Clark & Bill Summers of Herbie Hancock & The Headhhunters

12/27/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Vocal Hipspoken Word Artist on Visions With Voices

A mighty thanks goes out to Visions With Voices. Tony Adamo Hear Tony Adamo's tribute to Jimmy Smith and some of the all time jazz/funk greats who played the Hammond B3. As read by Visions With Voices spoken word collective A Pitts Gambino PR Joint http...

12/13/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo on The Final Best of 2013 List for!

The Final Best of 2013 List for! 1. Marc Carey - For The Love Of Abbey (2) 2. Hristo Vitchev - Rhodopa (3) 3. Tony Adamo - Miles Of Blu 4. Perry Beekman - So In Love 5. On Impulse - Ten Minutes In Paris 6. The SoHo Rentals 7. Antonio...

12/12/13    Community Articles

Tony Adamo in Top 200

A mighty mighty hip thanks to the Vocal/hipspoken' Word, Nu-Jazz, Acid-jazz, Straight Ahead Jazz music crowd for digging my music and moving me past these great, great music artists: Paul Motian, Rod Stewart, Tony Williams, Earroll Garner, Carla Bley, Marcus...

11/14/13    Community Articles

Jerry Stucker gets a 5 Star music review Tony Adamo featured

Bop-N-Jazz A Conservative Look At The Liberal Arts. Thursday, November 14, 2013 Thursday, November 14, 2013...

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About Tony Adamo


Tony Adamo & Mike Clark Groovin’ High Z. Sidari/ Yo Productions New York City, NY

Legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the highly respected musician, trumpet player, big band leader and music arranger, Tim Ouimette recently completed the mix for vocal/hip- spokenword artist, Tony Adamo’s new CD at Ouimette’s recording studio in upstate New York. Adamo and Clark started this music project in the summer of 2011 after Clark recorded with Adamo on a new cover for Tower of Power’s “Soul Vaccination.” It was at that point a music alliance was formed between the two, and Clark became the music producer for Adamo’s new CD. Music industry insiders who have listened to some of the new cuts off this CD have commented that Adamo and Clark have come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spokenword laced with a funk musical attitude. Tim Ouimette said “This project is so original and bluesy groovin’ and is sending all the right messages. I am just really happy to be involved.” Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland is owned by funk icon, Stephen “Doc” Kupka of Tower of Power. “Doc” Plays on Adamo’s new CD.

Past Performances

2/8-2/10/12 Legendary drummer Mike Clark producing and mixing Tony Adamo's new CD Tim Ouimette's Studio Hudson Valley, NY

MusicDishTV Presents Tony Adamo's “Nine Miles Of Blu”

In his latest video and mp3 “Nine Miles of Blu,” Tony Adamo runs the voodoo down with legendary drummer Mike Clark (yes the drummer who played with Herbie Hancock back in 1974 on Thrust), and references to being in the middle of a happening jazz scene, tipping his verse to Miles' and Coltrane's “Giant Steps”. Guitarist Steve Holman lays down a solid comping on this jazz trio's post-bop, with Clark sparking the track with great rhythmic ideas.

The esteemed Clark also produced “Nine Miles of Blue,” in which Adamo pays a verbal homage to Dizzie Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and other widely recognized jazz masters who led the way for the music we have today. Using cleverly smooth but complex combinations of jazz melodies, this track is a funky, jazzy, get in your face groove that, at first play, makes you feel like you're sitting in a great jazz club.

Tony Adamo joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 13, 2009