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11/30/10    Albums

Cathy's Song
Bob Lark & Friends

For his sixth album as leader, the current four being on Jazzed Media, Bob Lark has seriously spread his producer's wings and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Surrounding himself with A-list friends - such as altoist Phil Woods, pianist Jim McNeely...


09/03/10    Albums

What Did You Dream?
Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra

For over two decades, Dan Gailey has directed the jazz program at the University of Kansas where he's Professor of Music. After enriching the books of many college bands, as well as professional bands, Dan has taken a giant leap out of the Kansas cornfields...


09/02/10    Albums

New Latin Quarter Presents Jazz & Blues Collection Vol.1
Various Artists

In 1960, the New Latin Quarter -- Japan's largest night club -- began booking leading American recording stars for its then newly re-built Tokyo venue. Long after the club closed, the discovery of 47 reel-to-reel tapes, comprising some 300 recorded live...


08/03/10    Albums

Cedar Chest: The Cedar Walton Songbook
Various Artists

"Technique + Taste" would accurately describe the strongest attributes of pianist Cedar Walton, but less is known about his composing talents, or as this new look backward calls it, his "Cedar Chest." Hard to believe, it apparently marks the first time Walton...


08/02/10    Albums

Lend Me Your Ears
John Lang

Pick a club in the Big Apple and chances are John Lang has played there. The busy New York bassist-arranger-composer and occasional singer has released -- with lots of help from his friends -- his second album: a compilation of nine originals for two quintets...


07/12/10    Albums

Dave Anderson Quartet

In classical music, how you develop material is more important than its source. Simply put, "variations" always trump "themes." Example: any of Elgar's elaborately constructed Enigma Variations , as opposed to the original staid tune that gave birth to them...


07/08/10    Albums

Frank Glover

In a recent interview, composer Frank Glover complained about "a giant gap between improvisation and contemporary classical composition...we don't even have the words to describe the music that falls in that gap." He seems to have forgotten the Third Stream...


07/07/10    Albums

A Handful of Stars
Adam Schroeder

It's so easy to get carried away with a debut; tempting to announce that so-and-so has "burst on the scene." Well color me "carried away:" I find it both easy and tempting to report that, as a leader, baritonist Adam Schroeder has dutifully exploded as horn...


06/28/10    Albums

Boomer Jazz
Marius Nordal

Solo piano is the ultimate challenge: you're all alone, excerpt for those 88 keys flashing their ivories. No other horn waiting to pick up the melodic slack, no additional rhythm guys keeping time. Yet solo piano is a mixed blessing. You assume full responsibility...


06/20/10    Albums

Kindred Spirits
The Jimmy Amadie Trio

No one ever promised life would be fair, but c'mon...Jimmy Amadie keeps getting knocked down after the bell has been sounded. Being an ex-boxer, and a pianist, Philadelphia-born Amadie knows full well he has the right to sing the blues. His career as a keyboardist...


06/12/10    Albums

Douglas on Blue Note
Various Artists

During the year or so that Alan Douglas was head honcho of United Artists' jazz division, he made a significant contribution to its recorded literature. In retrospect, it seems he came out with a new album every week. In reality, some of the tracks date...


06/11/10    Albums

Bright Future
Vince Norman/Joe McCarthy Big Band

Release number two for the Norman-McCarthy band, and the momentum from its debut album, Words Cannot Express , as well as ten of its key players being intact, lend continuity to this exciting D.C.-based organization. Since Washington seems to have an inexhaustible...


06/07/10    Albums

Live at the Jazz Showcase
Ted Hogarth and the Mulligan Mosaics Big Band

Back in the early Fifties, when Gerry Mulligan formed his famous quartet with Chet Baker, it was without a piano to provide that front line with the ultimate harmonic freedom. In 1960, when Mulligan expanded his composing and arranging palettes to embrace...


04/12/10    Albums

Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles
Phil Kelly & The Northwest Prevailing Winds

Phil Kelly -- crusader for canines, patriarch of puns, scholar of scoring -- has once again assembled an all-star collection of sidemen and soloists who can sight-read and improvise from some of the most complex charts in all Jazzdom. The mere fact that...


04/06/10    Albums

Two Legends of Jazz
Johnny Varro featuring Ken Peplowski

There are two qualities you can always expect from Arbors' stable of artists: they unfailingly display compatibility and camaraderie, particularly in the front line. Take this session recorded a couple of years ago featuring two highly compatible comrades...


03/29/10    Albums

This Time
Nelda Swiggett

Whenever a new genre manifests itself, the occasion is significant. In the person of Nelda Swiggett, we have what can be accurately labeled "Polite Jazz." There's no better way to describe her approach to the keyboard, or her vocalizing, or her writing...

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