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September 2007    At Home

Michael Wolff

There are only two residents of pianist Michael Wolff’s Greenwich Village household you might not ask for an autograph. One is E.T., the family’s appropriately named French bulldog. The other is Wolff himself, who, despite a five-year, high-profile stint...


July/August 2007    At Home

John Abercrombie

John Abercrombie had spent time Pearl Harbor Day in 2003 digging his car out after one of the heavier snows that hit the hilly area where he lives, about 35 miles north of New York City, when he decided to pause from his labors and go inside. That’s when...


June 2007    At Home

Paquito D'Rivera

Cuban émigré Paquito D’Rivera said he came to find his stately three-story brick home in North Bergen, N.J., with the view of the Hudson River and Manhattan, “thanks to my love for old cars. I was riding my Volkswagen ’62 around [John F. Kennedy] Boulevard...


May 2007    At Home

Tierney Sutton

Tierney Sutton is far more lovely in person than she appears in photographs, and she’s taller, too. Standing in her cozy, shaded kitchen wearing jeans, a simple black wrap top and sandals, with her long titian hair waved around her face, she looks like a...

April 2007    At Home

Rufus Reid

It’s a dank, dreary, mid-January day in Teaneck, N.J., and Rufus Reid is relaxing in one of the two places you can usually find him at home: his kitchen. Bright, cheery lighting and some hot tea help to lift the mood. A rack of mugs with a sign admonishing...


March 2007    At Home

Winard Harper

There are a number of ways to describe Winard Harper—jazzman, drummer, composer—but the term that probably best describes him is family man. That’s because Harper, besides being an extremely in-demand sideman and leader, has an equally important role, with...


January/February 2007    At Home

Geri Allen

You’d drive right past Geri Allen’s home in semi-upscale suburban Essex County, N.J., if you weren’t looking for it. A high row of hedges separates a wooden fence from a busy local street, with only a number on the front gate breaking the anonymity. Once...


December 2006    At Home

Stefon Harris

With its white walls, neatly placed paintings, spare decor and extremely tidy appearance, vibist Stefon Harris’ suburban Sayreville, N.J. home has “decorated by spouse” written all over it-—only in this instance, that spouse is Harris. Slightly over a year...


November 2006    At Home

Billy Hart

The inner sanctum of Billy Hart’s Montclair, N.J. home is a basement music studio that serves as a combination listening room, recreation room and classroom for visiting music students. “This is it,” Hart says, referring as much to his life as he is to the...


October 2006    At Home

Jon Faddis

With its old-fashioned soda-fountain counter, vintage metal stools and antique decorations, Baumgart’s Cafe in Englewood, N.J., is a special place. Its eclectic menu includes ice-cream sundaes, fresh-squeezed carrot juice, grilled-cheese sandwiches, fried...


September 2006    At Home

Manhattan Plaza

Most musicians can only imagine the hardships experienced by their New York counterparts. In addition to the struggling to get gigs every day, there’s also dealing with a residence: the on-site parking, the tennis courts, the indoor swimming pool, the health...

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