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May 2001    DVDs

Modern Drummer Festival 2000: Saturday

Now that scientists have named a dinosaur after Mark Knopfler, they should also consider honoring Don Brewer. Brewer is the stickman behind legendary Jurassic-rock band Grand Funk Railroad. Thus, it was surprising to see him featured on this latest collection...


September 2000    Albums

My Buddy: A Tribute to Buddy Rich
Joe Ascione Octet

Drummer Joe Ascione writes in the liner notes to My Buddy, "Positive role models are an invaluable asset enabling one to go from imitation to finding one's voice through self-expression. This CD recording is the opportunity to acknowledge Buddy Rich as the...


September 2000    Albums

Tough Assignment: A Tribute to Davie Tough
Eddie Metz and his Gang

Unlike Buddy Rich's, drummer Davie Tough's style was notable for its absence of style. Tough might be considered the anti-Rich, forsaking bombast and showmanship for the subtle pleasures of supporting the tune. When he replaced the famously flamboyant Gene...


September 2000    Albums

Eddie Marshall and Holy Mischief
Eddie Marshall and Holy Mischief

If Artie Shaw thought Davie Tough was a musical drummer, he should listen to Eddie Marshall. The San Francisco percussionist not only composed all but one of the songs on this, his third album as leader, but he plays a mean alto recorder as well. Frequent...


June 2000    Books

Brotherhood in Rhythm: The Jazz Tap Dancing of the Nicholas Brothers
Constance Valis Hill

“The most amazing dancers I have ever seen in my life...ever.” So said Mikhail Baryshnikov, himself something of an authority on the subject, about Fayard and Harold Nicholas. With their “full-bodied dancing”—frenzied combinations of gravity-defying leaps...

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