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11/25/16    Albums

Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis’ haunting rasp “Teo … play that … Teo … Teo … Teo … Teo … play that,” closing “Gingerbread Boy” on your worn-out vinyl copies of Miles Smiles, was only the tip of the iceberg. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of that second studio album from...


11/04/16    Features

A Lost Quintet Listening Guide

Where and how to hear jazz's greatest forgotten band


04/14/13    Albums

Live in Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 2
Miles Davis Quintet

Jim Miller reviews box set of live material from Miles' "Lost Quintet" featuring Shorter, Corea, Holland and DeJohnette

12/01/12    Gearhead

The Shure Beta 181 Condenser Microphone

Slim, easily positioned mic provides a natural drum sound

11/30/11    Gearhead

Whitney Drums’ Nesting Penguin 16 Kit

Great sound and playability with unreal portability


09/15/11    Gearhead

LP Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro

Jim Miller reviews LP Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro, a new tunable tambourine


May 2011    Gearhead

Get in the Rings: Sabian's AAX Omni Cymbals

Jim Miller reviews new cymbals from Sabian

December 2009    Gearhead

Yamaha Absolute Maple Drum Set

Our reviewer (and drummer) Jim Miller takes the Yamaha Absolute Maple Drum Set for a spin around a few gigs in Philly.


June 2005    Gearhead

Pearl Reference Series Drums

Six years ago Pearl launched its Masterworks Series, which rethought drum acoustics. The Masterworks concept allowed drummers to custom-choose the wood and thickness for each drum's shell. Putting further research into the sonic properties of drum shells...


November 2004    Gearhead

Remo Mondo Snare Drum

Remember director Lee Frost's 1972 attempted escape from the artistic straightjacket of porn? In The Thing With Two Heads, wealthy racist Ray Milland awakes from an operation and sees that his disembodied head has been attached next to that of convict Rosey...


June 2004    Gearhead

Maryland Drum Company Timepiece Drums

My personal variation on Dexter Gordon's line in the film 'Round Midnight extolling "a nice, wet Rico reed" would be "happiness is a '60s Gretsch 14-inch floor tom." As evidenced by Maryland (ne Baltimore) Drum Company's Timepiece Series kit, founder/product...


March 2004    Gearhead

CLE Ratio Drum Kit

I won't pretend to understand what Michael Latini is talking about when he explains his "ratio" drum-building concept. My eyes glaze over and the sound of Coltrane starts to play in my head. But whatever it is, it works. CLE stands for "Carol Latini Enterprises...


October 2003    Gearhead

Pearl Rhythm Traveler Drums

Like certain elected government officials voting for every new weapons system ever hatched, I’ve never encountered a drum set I didn’t like. And so it was with Pearl’s Rhythm Traveler, “the perfect kit for both silent practice and compact live performance...


November 2002    DVDs

Getting Started on Drums
Tommy Igoe

This is a double-length DVD that, had I reviewed it just a few years ago, would have prompted the comment that it’s dumbed-down beyond belief. Tommy Igoe begins Getting Started on Drums with how to unpack drums from shipping boxes and assemble one’s very...

November 2002    DVDs

Musical Drumming Concepts
Jae Sinnett

Jae Sinnett is humbly devoted to what he calls “high-level music,” and produced this video with the goal of helping you articulate your ideas and strengthen your interpretation skills in a more relaxed and confident way. He advocates developing “a more compositional...

November 2002    DVDs

RhythmSaw Techniques
Johnny Rabb

“The JohnnyraBB RhythmSaw is an innovative change to the traditional drumstick. Its revolutionary design opens the spectrum of sound to entirely new rhythms and musical possibilities.” Translation: ribbed teeth built into the middle of a drumstick allow...

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