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September 2005    Albums

Andrew Hill

Always one of the most mercurial figures in Blue Note’s vaunted late-’60s stable, pianist Andrew Hill was also one of the most extensively documented. Unfortunately, much of his work for the label has been released in fits and starts. But since Michael Cuscuna...


September 2005    Albums

Mosaic Select: Art Pepper
Art Pepper

In 1954 Art Pepper finished his first jail stint for narcotics in Fort Worth, Texas, and returned to his home in Los Angeles, eager to get his act together again. Within a few years he was in the studio, cutting a handful of classic albums for Aladdin. This...


July/August 2005    Albums

Round about the Weill
Gianluigi Trovesi, Gianni Coscia

On their third album of duets this Italian pair continues their assimilationist ways, masterfully adapting compositions by Kurt Weill-as well as originals drawing inspiration from the German composer-for accordion and clarinet. Considering Weill's duality...

July/August 2005    News

Verve Records’ Free America Series: French Freedom

The stories of great American jazzmen like Bud Powell and Dexter Gordon taking up residence in Paris hardened into legend years ago. France afforded them a degree of respect and financial stability unobtainable in their native land. Bertrand Tavernier's...


July/August 2005    Albums

Ethiopiques 19
Mahmoud Ahmed

Alemye is the third disc in Buda Records' essential Ethiopiques series by Mahmoud Ahmed, the greatest singer in Ethiopia's modern history. As with most of the records made in the '70s-the nation's golden era-the instrumental backing provides a strange mix...


July/August 2005    Albums

Music from the Hearts of the Masters
Jack DeJohnette and Foday Musa Suso

Gambian kora master and griot Foday Musa Suso moved from his homeland to Chicago in the mid-'70s with a desire to collaborate and stretch beyond his traditional approach. He immediately founded the Mandingo Griot Society-working with Hamid Drake and Don...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Oh, My Dog
ICP Orchestra

The ICP Orchestra encapsulates the singular absurdist aesthetic of experimental Dutch jazz. The group, once known as the Instant Composers Pool Orchestra, has existed in some form or another for nearly four decades, forever helmed by the marvelous pianist...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Live at the Bimhuis
Victor De Boo

Trombonist Wolter Wierbos has been on a lot of recordings over the last few decades, but very few under his own name, and he rarely composes. Yet his personal stamp is so strong that no matter who's leading a session, he frequently becomes a de facto co...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Jewels and Binoculars: The Music of Bob Dylan
Michael Moore

Reedist Michael Moore, a California expat who's lived in Amsterdam since the mid-'80s, has been one of ICP Orchestra's most flexible participants. He displays another facet of his creative range in a trio recording called Jewels and Binoculars: The Music...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Soft Nose
Eric Boeren Quartet

Reedist Michael Moore turns up in a crucial supporting role on Soft Nose (Bvhaast), the third album by cornetist Eric Boeren. As on his previous recordings, Boeren is in thrall of the music made by the classic Ornette Coleman Quartet, integrating five of...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Ab Baars/Terrie Ex

The interactions between reedist Ab Baars and guitarist Terrie Ex on Hef (Atavistic) are considerably louder and more chaotic than your typical collection of duets. A charter member of the ICP, Baars commands a vast vocabulary on tenor saxophone and clarinet...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Tobias Delius 4Tet

On his third album Pelikanismus (ICP) the brawny tenor saxophonist Tobias Delius proceeds from the edge of his seat. Over the last few years he's developed a telepathic rapport with his excellent quartet-bassist Joe Williamson and more of those damned ICPers...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Mary Oliver

Violin and viola improviser Mary Oliver is the newest member of the ICP and, like Michael Moore, she's another California expat, living in Amsterdam since the late '90s. She showcases her extemporaneous playing on her solo album Witchfiddle (ICP), which...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Dworr Buun

There's nothing light about Dworr Bunn (Kontrans), the latest album by Braaxtaal, the experimental rock band fronted by crazed sound artist and vocalist Jaap Blonk. On many of his own recordings the absurdist vocal spew of Blonk can deliver the most dissonant...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Ere Ibeji
Martin Fonde Oktemble/Ernst Reijseger

The arrangements on Ere Ibeji (Bvhaast), the latest CD by pianist Martin Fondse's Oktemble, are lovely-full of silken reed passages and warm brass lines. Big surprise: reedist Michael Moore turns up again, along with former ICP cellist Ernst Reijseger, but...


July/August 2002    Dutch Treats

Aida Giuseppe Verdi
I Compani

Since forming I Compani back in 1985, leader/saxophonist Bo van de Graaf has had this small orchestra explore a wide variety of nonjazz styles, from the film music of Nino Rota to original compositions steeped in tango and circus music-van de Graaf is himself...

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