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January/February 2001    Albums

Tokyo in F
Ken Field/Katsui Yuji/Kido Natsuki/Simuzu Kazuto

The concept is risky enough: Take an American saxophonist, and have him perform spontaneous music in a Japanese club with three Japanese musicians whom the American has never met. The only preconceived notion is to begin in the key of F (in deference to...


January/February 2001    Albums

The Experiment
Dominic Duval/Jason Kao Hwang

Dominic Duval may be most effective when he performs with other strings. On The Experiment, for example, a remarkably revealing duo with violinist Jason Kao Hwang, dynamics, tempos and tonal centers shift note by note, as the two complement each other in...


January/February 2001    Albums

Dominic Duval

Solo-improvised bass albums are rare, and it takes an unusually resourceful performer to sustain interest for a full hour. While Duval does not quite pull it off entirely successfully on Anniversary, there is still enough fascinating plucking and stroking...


January/February 2001    Albums

Under the Pyramid
Dominic Duval with the C.T. Quartet

Hwang and Duval collaborate once again in The C.T. String Quartet, an exceptionally exciting improvisatory group named after Cecil Taylor, with whom Duval enjoyed a fruitful association. Along with cellist Tomas Ulrich and violist Ron Lawrence, the Quartet...


January/February 2001    Albums

Dominic Duval/John Heward/Joe McPhee

One of Duval's signature traits is his reluctance to grandstand his prodigious technique. Preferring to highlight the musical heart of a piece, the bassist mutes the acrobatics in favor of color, rhythm and profound note placement. His brilliance continuously...


January/February 2001    Albums

No Greater Love
Joe McPhee/Joe Giardullo/Michael Bisio/Dominic Duval

No Greater Love features two basses-the second being the highly sympathetic Michael Bisio-plus McPhee on soprano sax and Joe Giardullo doubling on soprano sax and bass clarinet. The tracks were culled from the remainders of a superb earlier release, In the...


January/February 2001    Albums

Matthew Goodheart/Dominic Duval

Crossings, a sparkling duo between pianist Matthew Goodheart and Duval, is not to be missed, a gem among the recordings here. The focus is on familiar tunes, such as "Willow Weep for Me," "Stella by Starlight," "Moonlight in Vermont" and Monk's "Well You...


January/February 2001    Albums

Bob Magnuson/Tom Desteno Quartet

Duval returns to a largely supportive role on Omens, co-led by one of the most underrated tenor saxophonists in the business, Bob Magnuson. Joined on the frontline by alto saxophonist Jameel Moondoc, the reedmen wrap their voices around one another, with...


September 2000    Albums

Larry Bluth/Don Messina/Bill Chatlan

This is one of the most interesting piano trio recordings to come down the pike in recent years. Pianist Larry Bluth takes a nod from Lennie Tristano, as the group reinvents popular standards such as "All of Me" and "Moonlight in Vermont." There is a decidedly...


September 2000    Albums

Freedom of Assembly
Bert Seager/George Donchev/Nat Mugavero

Piano trios can be a tricky business: How do you sustain interest in a medium that has seen a plethora of styles and every imaginable permutation? For pianist Bert Seager and his colleagues, bassist George Donchev and drummer Nat Magavero, the answer is...


June 2000    Briefs

Susanna Lindeborg/Ove Johansson

Tenor saxophonist Ove Johansson and pianist Susanna Lindeborg may be little known this side of the Atlantic, but the two Swedes dish up a healthy portion of invigorating fare worthy of attention on these dozen original improvisations. The saxophonist seamlessly...

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