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09/03/13    Community Articles

Jazz Festivals in China

The upcoming JZ Shanghai Jazz Festival in October is one of many American music festivals that have recently been permitted by government. In a November 2012 article for, written after the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival in Shenzhen, Gaungdong Province...

08/15/13    Community Articles

Steinway Musical Instruments Sells To Hedge Fund For $477,000,000

The Steinway Musical Instruments conglomerate which has a nice corner on the acoustic instrument market sells out to John A. Paulson at $40 a share.

08/08/13    Community Articles

Using The Jazz Trope For Assimilation

Like jazz music itself, Aaron Copland and Arnold Schoenberg used jazz and other American tropes such as cowboy films to assimilate their art.

07/24/13    Community Articles

Michael S. Harper: Communication 102

A poem by Michael S. Harper, written [While listening to John Coltrane’s “Moments Notice” on NPR June 29, 1998 (W. Warren Harper’s birthday)]

07/19/13    Community Articles

Talking Jazz Guitar (with Peter Bernstein and Jimmy Bruno)

Peter Bernstein and Jimmy Bruno chat about Les Paul, Lou Pallo, Jazz Times and more

06/23/13    Community Articles

Reving the engine on the lookout for new ideas

A new instrument to add to the combo? Try a Maserati!

05/06/13    Community Articles

Michael S. Harper: Communication 101

Read on for a fumbling email exchange and exclusive poetry and prose from the master


05/06/13    Community Articles

Swinging into War: Music for Trombone, Guitar and Mortar

Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip create dense percussion for a Jewish New Orleans trio


05/01/13    Community Articles

Golio and Gutierrez go to School for American Popular Music

Spirit Seekers: John Coltrane’s Musical Journey By Gary Golio Painting by Rudy Gutierrez 48 pages (Clarion/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) $12.99 Ages 9 and up


04/23/13    Community Articles


What do you get when you cross Freud with the Harlem Renaissance?


04/17/13    Community Articles

5 Delicious Masterpieces of Sound Recorded by Phil Ramone

Krane reviews five albums by the studio wunderkind.


04/17/13    Community Articles

A Review of "Itica Pritica"

Dave Matthews exhibits attempts at visual art in Manhattan in a collaboration with a South African artist whose political views would offend American liberalism.


04/13/13    Community Articles

Yusef Lateef: Celebrating 75 Years of Music at Roulette in Brooklyn

Yusef Lateef appeared at the new Roulette performance space in downtown Brooklyn, debuting and performing new music.

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