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08/16/16    Albums

The Ceremony of Jazz

The trio led by the pianist and composer Mateusz Gawęda seduces the artist/listener by the climate of sound in each of its six themes, songs embellished by a melancholy enigmatic and bright, as in the original subject, "Latajaca Komnata 32"; of loose soul...


07/06/16    Albums

Alquimia Sonora

"Past the Future" es la bella aritmética del caos, los números explotando en sus teoremas, en sus abstracciones, en sus modelos racionales, en sus operaciones maquinales. Es curioso como en matemáticas éste tipo de caos controlado por ciertas reglas ha estado...


07/05/16    Albums

Nerves of Jazz

In the rodeos to a silence that seduces with its brightness music, the trio made up of Luciano Troja at the piano, John Murchison, the contrabass and Blaise Siwula high in the saxophones, tenor and bass clarinet is made a sharer a duel instrumental aesthetics...


06/24/16    Albums

Sound Free

This proximity verbale to improvisation free supports its precariousness, its deficiency, its ‘intrascendencia’, but contrary to what course, designates the poetic sound in his artistic manifestation. Says Derek Bayle that 'the intrinsic difficulty of improvisation...


06/24/16    Albums

The Wings of the Sound

In the present twenty-first century this style opens the pure greenery of its abstraction before the socio-political facts that, paradoxically, gives existential life and aesthetics to this way of understanding music. With this I would like to say that Siwula...


06/16/16    Albums

Eclectic Amazement

The sarcasm in the bass clarinet of Jason Stein; Andrew Trin threading the silence with his guitar; Charles Rumback and its persistent fade in the pace, and Mai Sugimoto reminiscing the jam sessions bestial of Kansas City, all of them will allow me to point...


06/14/16    Albums

Musical Stories

The leader and driver of this quartet, the saxophonist Artie Black has relationships with the living melancholy of a Lee Konitz and its other companions (Swanson,guitar; Marcus Evans, drums and John Sims, bass) reinforcing their style, able to be moved...


06/08/16    Albums

The Clean Blue

This work reconciles us with the life and polished, secretly, the dark side which dwells silently in the human spirit. Is the instant contact with the enjoyment, as if we were in tune with this profound echo that nests in the body of desire: the joy of the...


06/04/16    Albums

Perceptual Sounds

The opacity sonora this saxophonist has to do with the seductive lineage of an instrument, so ductile to represent emotional states such as versatile for 'desgranar' notes in their games tímbricos and melodic. "Twin Talk" is a jazz as antithesis of volcano...


05/31/16    Albums

Photographs of sound

The force in the phrasing of Miller, backed up by a battery incisive, powerful, surround, Quin Kirchner, open step to 'solos' of virtuous incursion, with a tendency to break the relating established the style itself. Dave Miller (, with...


05/10/16    Albums

The Interpretative Dignity

Swarm of sound in conjunction libertarian, where sounds are intertwined, play between yes, as looking for the handle right in the unity of the melody. Items that are not exempt from a balad of implosive boldness, with lines of guitar that decorate a musical...


05/10/16    Albums

Cozy sweetness

has the value and taste to appoint as collective (musical moments that allude to the idiosyncrasy of un nomadism embedded people, of its roads and flavors)


04/20/16    Albums

Secret reconciliations

Listen again and again intensifies the argument of any free music: dispossession technical, outright imaginary of its musicians, that as real magicians of our internal hallucination, allows us the more crude and fantastic sound calamities


04/06/16    Albums

The Force of the Calmness

The Necks is the force of the calmness guided by explosions., diamonds of sound that burst from its interior, generating small and healthy 'isms' sound, because what there is of the same nature without their landslides, without its cataclysms?


03/09/16    Albums

The Body of the Sound

Ada Rave makes his saxophone a way of believing in the explosion of the volcano, both in eruption as in a state of apparent tranquility. With this I would like to say that his phrasing suffers from corrugated alterations, relaxing vibrations, in a tone that...


03/07/16    Albums

Transgressive Meditation

On the pilgrimage of its history, art is due to the era in which arises. Renoir painted bucolic naked without eroticism; Pollock lives in the vertigo of the natural drip; Ellington sickened the sound jungle with your swing accomodating…..and this trio, commanded...

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