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10/27/16    Albums

The radiance of Sound

If the tango, to cite only one example, was taken beyond their limits by the fusion with the electronics, the jazz of "Qeqertarsuatsiaat" is defined by expanding the texture sound to land of poetic abstraction, diversifying the purity of the music at the...


10/25/16    Albums

The landscape of the sound

Listen to the symbiosis of this musical trio (sponsoring revelations), brings the interiority of a feeling that overflows by moments, but that retrieves its balance.


10/12/16    Albums

Nature and sound

The clarinet of Benjamin Weidekamp lurks and emphasizes with its sound lines the thematic furrow, with the piano of Philip Zoubek, the complimentary impressionism, altering his diction in accents that enhance, at the same time, the pulse of Christian Weber...


09/19/16    Albums

The creation of affections

"Heal the Rich", the group Field, under the command of Uli, and conformed by Ronnie Graupe (guitar), Jonas Westergaad (bass) and Oliver Steidle (drums). The phrasing choppy the saxophone, the guitar with its discontinuous lines, linked with the pulsation...


09/03/16    Albums

The Anthropology of Sound

he work of this trio is a game in which they invite, seduce and involve the listener to exercise this journey of freedom. And that is why I appreciate these forms artistics beyond its musical product: embrace modes to exist, reflect stunning by live. rhythmic...


09/01/16    Albums

Force of the flight

In this production, saxophone, drum, cello and bass do not act isolated in interpretative segments. On the contrary, flow in their journeys, as if the idea the supreme catastrophe of the same sound. I highlight the cello, vibrating as electrified flight...


08/31/16    Albums

Dramatic Sounds

Cracow Jazz Collective, with a group of eight musicians, contribute substantially to jazz of ethical and aesthetic empowerment, as warriors creators of its ideals. In the production "No More Drama", they possess the essence of a heat of large deployment...


08/16/16    Albums

The Ceremony of Jazz

The trio led by the pianist and composer Mateusz Gawęda seduces the artist/listener by the climate of sound in each of its six themes, songs embellished by a melancholy enigmatic and bright, as in the original subject, "Latajaca Komnata 32"; of loose soul...


07/06/16    Albums

Alquimia Sonora

"Past the Future" es la bella aritmética del caos, los números explotando en sus teoremas, en sus abstracciones, en sus modelos racionales, en sus operaciones maquinales. Es curioso como en matemáticas éste tipo de caos controlado por ciertas reglas ha estado...


07/05/16    Albums

Nerves of Jazz

In the rodeos to a silence that seduces with its brightness music, the trio made up of Luciano Troja at the piano, John Murchison, the contrabass and Blaise Siwula high in the saxophones, tenor and bass clarinet is made a sharer a duel instrumental aesthetics...


06/24/16    Albums

Sound Free

This proximity verbale to improvisation free supports its precariousness, its deficiency, its ‘intrascendencia’, but contrary to what course, designates the poetic sound in his artistic manifestation. Says Derek Bayle that 'the intrinsic difficulty of improvisation...


06/24/16    Albums

The Wings of the Sound

In the present twenty-first century this style opens the pure greenery of its abstraction before the socio-political facts that, paradoxically, gives existential life and aesthetics to this way of understanding music. With this I would like to say that Siwula...


06/16/16    Albums

Eclectic Amazement

The sarcasm in the bass clarinet of Jason Stein; Andrew Trin threading the silence with his guitar; Charles Rumback and its persistent fade in the pace, and Mai Sugimoto reminiscing the jam sessions bestial of Kansas City, all of them will allow me to point...


06/14/16    Albums

Musical Stories

The leader and driver of this quartet, the saxophonist Artie Black has relationships with the living melancholy of a Lee Konitz and its other companions (Swanson,guitar; Marcus Evans, drums and John Sims, bass) reinforcing their style, able to be moved...


06/08/16    Albums

The Clean Blue

This work reconciles us with the life and polished, secretly, the dark side which dwells silently in the human spirit. Is the instant contact with the enjoyment, as if we were in tune with this profound echo that nests in the body of desire: the joy of the...


06/04/16    Albums

Perceptual Sounds

The opacity sonora this saxophonist has to do with the seductive lineage of an instrument, so ductile to represent emotional states such as versatile for 'desgranar' notes in their games tímbricos and melodic. "Twin Talk" is a jazz as antithesis of volcano...

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