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05/01/10    Albums

Virxilio da Silva

Guitarist Virxilio da Silva releases his new album titled Odyssei and what an odyssey it is. First song “2701” finds bassist Derek Nievergelt all over the board with a frantic bass line. This gives tenor saxophonist Walter Smith III a chance to play some...


04/30/10    Albums

Countdown 2 Meltdown
Mitch Marcus Quintet

Tenor saxophonist Mitch Marcus, made the move from San Francisco to New York to release the quintet’s new CD called Countdown 2 Meltdown . Along with Mitch Marcus are Sylvain Carlton on alto, Mike Abraham on guitar, George Ban-Weiss on bass and Tomas Fujiwara...


04/30/10    Albums

Jon Crowley Quintet

Fortunate enough to be born in a suburb of Philadelphia and being able to be enriched by the “Philly jazz sound”, trumpeter Jon Crowley releases his debut album titled Connections . While not copying the “Philly jazz sound,” Crowley and his Quintet with...


04/30/10    Albums

The Pulse
The Pulse

“What kind of music do you like?” is the name of the last song on The Pulse’s self-titled debut album. What kind of music do I like? From listening to their album - this kind. The Pulse is a quintet featuring Jakob Dinesen on tenor sax, Mads La Cour on trumpet...


04/30/10    Albums

Which Is Which
Reed's Bass Drum

Reed’s Bass Drum is a Brooklyn based trio jazz collective which is focusing on music composition as dialogue for the drums, bass and baritone saxophone. While the dialogue may not speak to you directly, it does have something to say. The trio consists of...


04/30/10    Albums

Coming Through Slaughter
Dave Lisik Orchestra

Canadian trumpeter and composer Dave Lisik’s latest album, a 10 piece movement, Coming Through the Slaughter was inspired by the novel of the same name by Michael Ondaatje. The novel is a fictitious portrayal of the life of early New Orleans jazz cornet...


04/28/10    Albums

Sensible Shoes
Led Bib

The quintet called Led Bib release Sensible Shoes and with a song called “Call Centre Labyrinth”, Led Bib may have phoned this one in. Led Bib consists of Mark Holub on drums, Liran Donin on bass, Toby McLaren on keyboards with Pete Groban and Chris Williams...

04/16/10    Community Articles

Miles Ahead, Miles Behind

To recommend big band or modal or swing or fusion is like recommending which child you would choose as your favorite. This would leave the other children behind and you would miss out on all of their strengths and all of their weaknesses. Big issues have...


04/02/10    Albums

La Linea del Sur
Renaud Garcia-Fons

Five-string double bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons returns with his eighth album titled La Linea del Sur.


04/02/10    Albums

Lee Shaw Trio

Notwithstanding the simplistic comparisons to Marian McPartland based purely on the fact that the leader is a female, who happens to play piano and who is known for her strong composition skills, The Lee Shaw Trio releases Blossom , an album of subtle tones...


04/02/10    Albums

Three Big Guys Plus One
Jeff Parker/Francis Wong//Elliot Humberto Kavee/Tatsu Aoki

Three Big Guys Plus One are a trio plus one, consisting of guitar, horn, drums and a bass. How “big” they will get depends on their musicianship and let us hope that there are bigger things to come. None of the seventeen songs on the self titled album have...


02/18/10    Albums

Blues Citizens
Radam Schwartz

Hammond B-3 organist Radam Schwartz has a ghost of a chance to convert you to being a part of the blues citizens with his latest album titled Blues Citizens . Joining Schwartz on Blues Citizens are Bill Saxton on tenor sax, Bruce Williams on alto sax, Eric...


02/18/10    Albums

At Ease
Benjamin Koppel

Recorded in Copenhagen in 2009 with Americans Bobby Watson on alto and Kenny Werner on piano, along with French bass player Pierre Boussaquet and Danish drummer Alex Riel, Danish born alto saxophonist Benjamin Koppel returns with an album titled At Ease...


02/08/10    Albums

Movin' Up
Joe Ascione Quartet

In the liner notes to Joe Ascione Quartet’s new album titled Movin’ Up , it says rhythm, class, style and imagination are key words when describing this light-hearted yet substantive recording by Ascione and some of his favorite musicians. Along with Ascione...


01/30/10    Albums

Twilight and Blues
Lisa Hilton

Pianist Lisa Hilton returns with her eleventh album titled Twilight and Blues , a mixture of self-composed songs and covers of well knows bluesy numbers. Guesting with Hilton are Larry Grenadier on bass, Lewis Nash on drums, Jeremy Pelt on trumpet and J...


01/29/10    Albums

Bill McBirnie Duo/Quartet

Having a ballad and a slow rhapsody on a straight-ahead jazz/Latin flute record could be a risk but for flautist Bill McBirnie taking that risk actually works. Flanked by Hungarian pianist Robi Botos, Toronto born Bill McBirnie releases Mercy , an album...

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