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November 1997    Albums

Night and The Music
Judy Niemack

Ordinarily, I'd hate to go so far as to say an album is worth getting based on one song alone. However, Judy Niemack's rendering of Jacques Brel's "La Chanson Des Vieux Amants" on ...Night and the Music is so breathtaking to qualify as exactly that. That...


November 1997    Albums

Girls Can't Hit
Carola Grey and Noisy Mama

Carola Grey plays, or to tie into the title, hits, the drums with clean crisp assurance. As a composer she's got an ear for a catchy melody and prefers to keep things moving at a bouncy pace. Her band-Rick Keller, Werner Neumann, Martin Kalberer and Paul...


October 1997    Albums

Two for the Road
Dave Gruisin

Two for the Road is a tribute to the late great Henry Mancini. In the liner notes Gruisin writes when young he listened to Mancini's music and was thus inspired to pursue a career writing film scores. It's easy to see how an aspiring musician might be taken...


October 1997    Albums

Spyro Gyra

Twenty albums in 20 years. That's what 20/20 represents. And proves, Spyro Gyra has both endurance and staying power. The band pioneered an upbeat musical fusion of contemporary jazz, rock, funk and international beats. Countless bands have copped their...


October 1997    Albums

Thanks a Million
Steve Million

This disc exemplifies what independent labels are all about. Solid music, tight camaraderie amongst the players and a sound that clearly comes from the minds of its makers. No studio intervention involved. No fluff, no catchy theme-just high quality musicianship...


October 1997    Briefs

The Trio
Makoto Ozone

This is really two albums in one: the title track and four succeeding selections comprise the 1963 LP of the same name, while tracks six through 13 come from Stitt's Now, a quartet date recorded three months earlier, which also uses pianist Hank Jones. All...


October 1997    Briefs

Out There
Vox One

The title of this disc, Out There, is perhaps misleading. Vox One is into earthy a capella. They're not "out," as in avant garde, though their ability to make voices sound like instruments while crafting gorgeous undulating melodies and rich harmonies is...


October 1997    Briefs

Val Gardena

If it hasn't already happened, there should be a couple of hits on the smooth jazz circuit from Val Gardena's Migration. Likely picks include the light, bright "Beyond the Window" or the Pat Metheny meets Miles Davis take on Bryan Ferry's dream-like "Avalon...

October 1997    Briefs

Lorenzo and Her Gentleman

Imagine being in a cozy neighborhood jazz spot. The kind of place musicians visit after their gigs to hang and maybe sit in for a song or two. That's the ambiance of Friends. Lorenzo's pals just happen to include Clark Terry, Jimmy Heath and Al Grey. So...


October 1997    Briefs

Three Wishes
Doug Hall Trio

Brothers Doug and Bruce Hall are well known on the Texas jazz scene. This album can give the rest of the country a fine earful of their musicianship, which is unerringly thoughtful. Doug (piano, plus composer of all of tunes here) and Bruce (drums) are joined...


October 1997    Briefs

Paul Heller
Paul Heller

If you like solid no-nonsense jazz this one's for you. Paul Heller and bandmates have done their homework so far as learning the ins and outs of jazz, though their delivery offers a supple adaptation of those lessons. Players keep things crisp while going...


October 1997    Briefs

Cookin' For You
Eddie Marshall

Eddie Marshall, a sax and flute man, digs a warm and fuzzy sound. On Cookin' for You he concocts a contemporary jazz fiesta of Latin rhythms. Two cats from Pat Metheny's band, Paul Wertico and Steve Rodby, are part of bands which run in size from four to...


September 1997    Albums

Milton Nascimento

While I have never been to Minas Gerias, my hunch is it must be an idyllic place. How else to explain the earthy yet supremely spiritual music that comes from natives of this region of Brazil? The foremost of these is Milton Nascimento. His voice, rich in...


September 1997    Albums

Urban Knights II
Urban Knights

Urban Knights II pulls more than a few pages from the Stevie Wonder songbook. There are no covers of Wonder works on it. But the vibe and many of the melodies recall Innervisions and Talking Book. There are instances where players cop a medley line from...


September 1997    Albums

Warner Jams Volume 2
Various Artists

This is a young turks and adult turk meets a legend of jazz deal. The young turks are Mark Turner (tenor sax), Ben Wolfe(bass) and Clarence Penn (drums). The legendary one is tenor sax man James Moody. The man in the middle is Larry Goldings on piano. Those...


September 1997    Briefs

Deja Vu
Fareed Haque

The album Deja Vu so embodies the flower child era it would seem a difficult task for Haque, a player at home in classical and mainstream jazz genres, to remake it with authenticity. But he does. Haque captures the original cast's innocent, often dreamy...

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