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06/05/12    Artist's Choice

Artist's Choice: David Weiss on Wayne Shorter

The trumpeter/composer chooses his favorites from one of jazz's all-time geniuses


May 2002    Gearhead

Vintage Bach Stradivarius Trumpet

Why are so many of us trumpeters obsessed with old horns? Most saxophonists swear by the Selmer Mark VI or Balanced Action horns, and trumpet players seem to change their choice of old horns every few years. It seems like the Conn Connstellation is making...


December 2001    Gearhead

Conn Vintage One Trumpet

Though the great ones made it look easy, the general consensus among trumpet players is that it’s a difficult instrument to play. That said, it seems as though we are justified in finding every little edge possible to make life a little easier on us, trumpet...


October 2001    Gearhead

Calicchio R37 and RR37 Trumpets

Trumpets, like fashion or hairstyles, are influenced by trends, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon with their own version of the latest thing. These trends are cyclical by nature. Everything comes back around eventually, and is touted as the new great thing...

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