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April 2009    Features

Peter Bernstein: Straight, No Chorus

In devoting an entire album to Thelonious Monk’s repertoire, Peter Bernstein joins the small number of guitar players who have accepted such a challenge. Bernstein, however, hardly considers the release to be a definitive work. Achieving such a benchmark...


March 2009    Features

Erik Friedlander: Going Uptown

Eric Fine speaks with cellist Erik Friedlander about his Broken Arm Trio project.


September 2008    Artist Profiles

Bill McHenry: Inside Out

Bill McHenry’s range encompasses opposite polarities. On his own the tenor saxophonist is an unabashed free player, but he co-leads a quartet that sticks to standard but obscure songs and performs in a large band featuring exotic fare. McHenry attributes...


August 2008    Artist Profiles

Dafnis Prieto: Multilingual Rhythms

Dafnis Prieto, an emerging drummer and composer, emigrated from Cuba to New York almost 10 years ago. Given his druthers, though, he would have moved to Paris. Prieto visited New York on two occasions, but the city failed to make an impression, in part because...


June 2008    Albums

Young at Heart
Grant Stewart

Grant Stewart’s Young at Heart is the kind of album that used to be commonplace. The New York tenor player not only calls off standard repertoire; he also sounds like he performs these songs from memory rather than a fake book. The set is by turns lyrical...


June 2008    Albums

From the Heart
Bobby Watson

Bobby Watson boasts a long résumé and proven track record. Yet the versatile alto player doles out much solo space to the unheralded sidemen on From the Heart. The album, Watson’s first since 2004, features well-developed compositions whose riffs and melodies...


April 2008    Artist Profiles

Hans Glawischnig: Nuevo Latin

Hans Glawischnig has immersed himself in Latin-jazz, yet the rubric provides an inadequate description of his music. The Austrian bassist preserves the rhythmic elements, but abandons the static harmony that characterizes the Afro-Cuban tradition. Indeed...


January/February 2008    Artist Profiles

Ari Roland: Arco Art

Undaunted by the conventions of the typical double bass solo, Ari Roland has declared his allegiance to the bow. For the past 15 years Roland has performed almost nothing but arco solos. He captures some of the high drama associated with other instruments...

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