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May 2009    Albums

Me Not Me
Marco Benevento

The keyboardist's latest never quite catches fire


May 2009    Albums

Big Shot
“Papa” John DeFrancesco

The Dean of the Hammond organ, with his famous son in tow


May 2009    Albums

Bare Bones
Madeleine Peyroux

When Madeleine Peyroux started her career with an album (1996’s Dreamland) that heroically aped her heroines (Billie, Bessie, Edith), she couldn’t have realized she’d live in purgatory for the next eight years. Peyroux buoyantly challenged the blues and...


April 2009    Albums

Arve Henriksen

A mystical collaboration with singer David Sylvian


April 2009    Albums

Rise Up!
Dr. Lonnie Smith

It took a while for the good Doctor to get his groove back. The turban-wearing Hammond organist with an ear for rubbery soul-jazz lent his blue notes to George Benson and Lou Donaldson throughout the 1960s. Smith then created an unsurpassable level of infamy...


March 2009    Albums

Broken Arm Trio
Erik Friedlander

It’s a quiet pluck and a kick, a twitter reminiscent of the Grecian zither-based music from The Third Man that introduces you to improvisational cellist Erik Friedlander’s newest effort. Usually a manic, wiry bower with the likes of John Zorn and Laurie...


March 2009    Albums

There’s Me and There’s You
Matthew Herbert Big Band

Britain’s Matthew Herbert is a trickster, a composer/arranger capable of art pranks the likes of which phoning fans, striking matches in the House of Parliament and hammering nails into coffins are simply part of his usually unusual sense of humor. But after...


January/February 2009    Albums

This is Our Moosic
Mostly Other People Do the Killing

Mostly Other People Do the Killing loves Pennsylvania, loves Ornette Coleman and loves poking fun at itself and the entirety of jazz. Maybe not necessarily in that order, but you get the drift quickly. Billing itself as a “bebop terrorist band,” the quartet’s...


December 2008    Albums

Novas Bossas
Milton Nascimento & the Jobim Trio

Sensitive. Natural. Intuitive. These are the first words that tumble from the reviewer’s pen when this collaboration between Brazilian pop provocateur Milton Nascimento and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s guitar-playing scion Paulo Jobim and pianist grandson Daniel...


November 2008    Albums

One Dance Alone
Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet

Keyboardist/composer Wayne Horvitz may still be known (notorious is more like it) for his association with the mad, bad avant-garde blare of John Zorn’s Naked City. But Horvitz, ever the experimentalist, has had more than his share of equally eccentric and...


November 2008    Albums

U. Shrinivas

Jazz and classical Indian music have never been mutually exclusive ideas, given the past experiments of guitarist John McLaughlin and Shakti, Ornette Coleman’s Science Fiction and such. But from the Indian side of the equation, it’s the likes of sitarist...


November 2008    Albums

One for Shirley
Tim Warfield

Tenor saxophonist Tim Warfield may think of himself as a hard-bop man, but he has a soft spot for the ladies, specifically, the women of the Hammond B3 organ. For Warfield’s fifth album, that means Shirley Scott. The late Scott (she passed in 2002) was part...


October 2008    Albums

Guillermo Klein & Los Guachos

Argentina’s loss may have been Boston and New York City’s gain when Guillermo Klein moved from his native country in 1990. But for a gentleman pianist, composer and singer whose inspirations included the plush rhythm of America’s postbop mien, Brazil’s socio...


August 2008    Albums

Set the Alarm for Monday
Bobby Previte & the New Bump

You couldn’t dare call composer Bobby Previte staid, swinging as he does not only as a drummer but also from genre to genre and quirk to quirk. Previte likes to keep things new. How new? He’s even found a New Bump in players like trumpeter Steven Bernstein...


August 2008    Albums

Party Intellectuals
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog

Guitarist Marc Ribot has been party to many harebrained schemes (mostly sensational) throughout his long career. He was a crucial aspect of both Tom Waits’ and Elvis Costello’s moves from troubadours to sonic landscapers, bending his chords while they warped...


August 2008    Albums

Jacob Young

At 38, Lillehammer, Norway’s Jacob Young is set to take on the loose-fitting crown of strum ’n’ thrum king held throughout jazz history by Jim Hall, Bill Frisell and the Pats (Martino, Metheny) by filling up his melodies’ leaps of imaginary rhythm with grand...

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