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01/14/13    Solo

New Paths & Possibilities

In presentation at JazzConnect Conference at APAP|NYC, bassist Gerald Veasley explains how his Bass BootCamp and its participants taught him a valuable life lesson


March 2010    Farewells

Wayman Tisdale

I can’t dunk a basketball. In spite of my 6-feet-3-inches height, I could barely do it in my prime. With no one else on the court, I would have to get a running start from the top of key, jump, stretch and maybe I’d manage to push the ball over the rim for...

March 2008    Farewells

Joe Zawinul (7.7.32 – 9.11.07)

Joe Zawinul was a pretty good bebop piano player. Playing bop, however, was not his calling. Instead, Zawinul was called to be great at something else. Bebop piano playing would have been like wearing a borrowed suit—not necessarily ill-fitting, but not...


April 2007    Features

BassicFunk: Gerald Veasley's Personal History of Jazz-Funk Bass

There was a time when you had to be careful about the word “funk.” In that respect, funk shares humble roots with the word “jazz.” Both terms suggest a barefaced comfort with the bodily functions. Today, neither jazz nor funk is a bad word. That’s progress...


November 2001    News

Gerald Veasley: Memorable Gig

Jazz musicians are notorious namedroppers. Most of their collections of memories involve having done “such and such” with “so and so.” I’m no exception. I’m not ashamed to admit that much of what I remember easily about my career are stories resulting from...

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