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January/February 2008    Solo

Moment by Moment

I’m convinced that no genuine success occurs except as a natural expression of the human heart’s search for meaning. Yes, there are plenty of “successful” people who make a lot of money or have achieved high corporate positions, who run organizations or...

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About Bill Strickland


Bill Strickland, the founder of Pittsburgh nonprofit the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and president and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, has had 40 years of success leading a jazz life without playing a single note. MCG Jazz, which grew out of the Guild 20 years ago, releases live recordings whose proceeds help support and preserve jazz in the Pittsburgh community.

Says Strickland, who contributes a Solo guest column this month: “For me, jazz is one of the most powerful metaphors I’ve ever found for living an extraordinary life. Jazz isn’t just the music, it’s the feeling the music gives you. Jazz is a state of mind.”

Bill Strickland joined the JazzTimes community on Jan 31, 2008