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04/06/13    Community Articles

How The Tao Of Badass Changed My Life!

I don't mind admitting that at one time I was useless with ladies. And trust me, I really was USELESS! Despite my best efforts, I just could not get a girlfriend, even an average looking one. As it turns out, trying so hard was the most awful thing I could...

04/05/13    Community Articles

Find Out How To Become More Confident With Women In 3 Effortless Steps

You can't know why you almost always appear sweaty when you are around a beautiful girl. You always seem to be at a loss for words and stumble around to find anything to say. You also end up out of breath. When you do speak, you only manage to mumble funny...

04/04/13    Community Articles

What Is A Pick Up Artist?

Everyone has heard the idea pick up artist. Even a film exists in relation to the subject, which was released some time ago. Nevertheless, do you really know what it means to say that you or someone else is known as a pick up artist?

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