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12/09/12    Community Articles

Samsung Galaxy Camera review

Samsung's new Galaxy Camera could be a distinctive proposition - is it a phone, because of its 3G sim card, or a camera? the solution is clearly the latter, and if truth be told the 3G stress within the promoting is maybe one thing of a red herring...

12/08/12    Community Articles

Apple and Samsung's $1 billion patent battle continues

The $1 billion patent dispute between Apple and Samsung picked copy in judicature in San Jose on Th, with each side disputation over problems with damages amounts, bans on product sales and allegations of dishonesty on the a part of the jury foreman.

12/06/12    Community Articles

OMG, the text message turns twenty. however has SMS peaked?

It's been hailed for its terseness and cursed for everything from sore thumbs to the decline of speech communication. find it irresistible or hate it, the text message is twenty years previous.

12/05/12    Community Articles

UK sales data shows the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S are more popular than the iPhone 5

Research dispensed within the Britain has unconcealed that for the seventh month running, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a lot of fashionable amongst patrons than the iPhone 4S and therefore the iPhone five. the information comes from uSwitch, a website that offers...

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