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April 1999    Albums

Swingin' Uptown
Various Artists

This strange collection traces the development of the big band from 1923 to 1952, as recorded for RCA Victor. "Swingin' Uptown" is rather a misleading title, however, and it is not explained in the annotation by either producer Orrin Keepnews or Loren Schoenberg...


March 1999    Albums

Paris Blues Soundtrack
Duke Ellington

This somewhat confusing package is marked as a "deluxe edition" of the "MGM soundtrack of a United Artists Film." The accompanying annotation by one Patrick McGilligan, a film critic, adds to the confusion. It is presented in jigsaw fashion on a single large...


March 1999    Albums

Benny Carter

Saxophonist Benny Green's admiring notes scarcely conceal regret at the changes time wrought on Benny Carter's fluent style, a tendency to tongue more notes instead of playing extended legato passages, and a penchant for crotchet-triplets which had a way...

January/February 1999    Books

Ding! Ding! A Bio-Discographical Scrapbook on Vic Dickenson
Manfred Selchow

This huge book is a loving tribute to one of the Swing Era’s best trombonists. Vic Dickenson was liked for his wit, kindness and personality almost as much as for his very individual music, which was at once whimsical, melodic and swinging. Memories of friends...

January/February 1999    Books

Violin Improvisations Studies, No. 10
Anthony Barnett

Anthony Barnett, who champions the cause of violin improvisation so valiantly, has here put together a fascinating collection of relative material. There are features on Dick Wetmore, Leroy Jenkins and India Cooke, and an astonishing survey of “Early African...


December 1998    Albums

After Hours in Harlem, 1940-41
Hot Lips Page

This was caught live by Jerry Newman on his "portable disc recording equipment," and ears accustomed to the standards on today's studio recording will have much adjusting to do. They will, however, quickly be repaid by the exceptional music made in informal...


December 1998    Albums

God Is in the House
Art Tatum

This performance was caught live by Jerry Newman on his "portable disc recording equipment," and ears accustomed to the standards on today's studio recording will have much adjusting to do. They will, however, quickly be repaid by the exceptional music made...


December 1998    Books

All Music Guide to Jazz
Michael Erlewine, Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra & Scott Yanow

The new edition of the All Music Guide to Jazz has nearly five hundred more pages than its 1996 predecessor, and the pages are about a quarter larger. The coverage is very thorough, a tribute to the herculean labors of Scott Yanow, who has here overcome...

December 1998    Books

The Jazz Discography: Volume 18 (Powell to Rimaak)
Tom Lord

Lord will soon be entering the home stretch. These two volumes, like their predecessors, unfold the century’s jazz history in unique fashion. When you consider the nationality of artists for recordings listed side by side, the international outreach of the...


November 1998    Albums

Reunion at Arbors
Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern

The Arbors reunion took place after the gathering of the faithful in Clearwater, Florida, in 1997. Such get-togethers clearly bring out something special from the two pricipals. Annotator Ross Forestone has elicted helpful comments on their differences from...


November 1998    Albums

Ray's Tribute to His Piano Friends
Ray Bryant

The pianists to whom Ray Bryant pays tribute here are Duke Ellington, Ramsey Lewis, Dave Brubeck, Horace Silver, Vince Guaraldi, Count Basie, Thelonious Monk, Bobby Timmons, Kenny Barron, Randy Weston, and Joseph Zawinul. He either plays one of his compositions...


November 1998    Albums

Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders Here, 1928-35
Various Artists

Each of these remarkable collections (the first subtitled Strutting the Dozens, the second Rent Parties and Good Times) contains 23 rare titles by pianists from what might be termed the early jazz sub-strata. Primitive techniques and syncopation, rushed...


November 1998    Albums

Jazz Party
Duke Ellington

Apparently licensed from Sony/Columbia by Mobile Fidelity, this is an attractive record that should certainly be kept available. In the original liner notes, Irving Townsend permitted himself some producer's hyperbole in stating that it was the most exciting...


November 1998    Albums

Esquire All Stars
Earl Hines

The notes don't explain how the Earl Hines sextet at San Francisco's Club Hangover became the "Esquire All Stars" in 1954, but they notably include Dicky Wells, who takes typical solos on half the titles. Neither the recording nor a piano that clearly had...


November 1998    Albums

My Baby with the Black Dress On
Jay McShann

Of all the great piano-playing bandleaders, we are lucky to have Jay McShann as the sole survivor. And we are lucky to have these three examples of his continuing activity. The Chiaroscuro was recorded at four night during a 1991 cruise on the S.S. Norway...


November 1998    Albums

Cat House Piano
Meade Lux Lewis

The title reflects what has almost amounted to an obsession among producers of jazz albums that go all the way back to early New Orleans piano. One can only wonder whether the urgent boogie woogie style was appreciated in brothels. Meade Lux Lewis, in any...

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