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About Rebekah Swan


Rebekah Swan is a writer and an internet marketer for Lucyalice from Derbyshire. She has the passion in imparting her knowledge and ideas to others. She believed that everything we have is a precious gift that should be cherished and shared, as for her, sharing the outputs of her creative mind would be the best thing she could ever do. Her family served as her source of motivation in creating substantive articles. Apart from all those stuffs, Rebekah also had been into fashion even she was in her teenage years. She loved to dress up, it makes her feel good and it inspires her to be a better fashion writer. She had written several blogs like Women Clothing: Style In Every Occasion that tackled everything about choosing appropriate clothes and getting a gorgeous look out of it. She is eager in doing things that could help others improve themselves even in simply dressing up. Rebekah's goal in life was to leave something beautiful and useful in this world and she's doing it through her written articles and blogs. This makes Rebekah testifies her profession as a fulfilling one as she continuously grow in Women's Apparel arena.Click Here to have more of Rebekah's blogs.

Rebekah Swan joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 11, 2012