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About Sam Anderson


Sam's interest in vision boards came about almost by accident nearly 20 years ago, when he replaced a couple of lists of dull and boring 'To Do' lists in his office with a few pictures of holiday beach shots and snazzy cars. Since that time his deep passion in how a vision board can really turn anyone's, even the most skeptical of people's, life right round from zero to hero took right over. He's now spent years studying the fascinating subject of vision boards, affirmations, manifesting and the biggest one of all 'the Law of Attraction'. The goal is to help everyone who shares the same fascination for these beautiful topics as much as possible, and hopefully pass on some of the amazing facts and information he has discovered over the years; whilst at the same time, dispel some of the myths, hype and fantasy that also come with it too.

Sam Anderson joined the JazzTimes community on Sep 12, 2012