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July/August 2000    Albums

Fire at Keaton's Bar and Grill
Roy Nathanson

Pop icons Deborah Harry and Elvis Costello, jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut and bluesman Corey Harris are just a few of the musical luminaries helping avant garde songwriter/sax player Roy Nathanson tell the sad-sack story of the characters who inhabit the fictitious...


July/August 2000    Albums

Hawaiian Swing
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack

Like the old saying goes, if you call yourself "Da Big Kahuna," then you should probably expect people to laugh at you. Thankfully, on the new Hawaiian Swing, Matt Catingub is well aware of this tropical maxim: The big-boned band-leader mixes "next-generation...


July/August 2000    Hearsay

Scott Vestal

Bluegrass banjo whiz Scott Vestal is gushing to a jazz writer about the classic rock band Yes. This heartfelt nod to Jon Anderson & Co. isn’t exactly what the music writer expected, but the good-humored confession goes a long way in explaining the charmingly...


June 2000    Briefs

The Swing Club
Ray Anthony and His Big Swing Band

Sure, Ray Anthony's music may be of the "elevator swing" variety, but the elder statesman sure has a helluva good time entertaining the tradition-loving masses. Plus, he certainly scores points with me for including a picture of Hugh Hefner dancing with...


June 2000    Hearsay

Ann Dyer

Ann Dyer has just flown back from her second sojourn to India and, boy, are her arms—and legs and brain—tired. For three weeks, the San Francisco jazz vocalist meditated on the matters of music and yoga in Rishikesh—a tranquil town that rests on the Ganges...


May 2000    Albums

Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell

On this somewhat radical departure, pop folkstress Joni Mitchell plants herself in front of the London Symphony Orchestra and gives somber, soulful readings of 12 romantic standards made famous by such legendary vocalists as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and...


April 2000    Albums

Oh! The Grandeur
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

Andrew Bird, a sometime session player with Squirrel Nut Zippers, prides himself on never taking music matters too seriously. With his eclectic mix of bandmates, Bowl of Fire, the classically trained violinist and lead vocalist works as many different genres...


April 2000    Albums

Heretic Blues
Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six

Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six blends the clean bliss of jump-swing with the brassy sounds of hot jazz-and keeps the throwback zaniness to a blessed minimum. Andrew Bird is around with his goofy phrasing and gypsy-camp violin screech, but drummer O'Donnell...


April 2000    Albums

Twisted Desire
8 1/2 Souvenirs

On their second major-label release, Twisted Desire, the Austin, Texas-based 8 1/2 Souvenirs let you know where they stand right away: The opener is a slinky, Brian Setzered version of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man." Sure, it's played for laughs, but it's...


April 2000    Albums

The Countdown Quartet
Countdown Quartet

Hailing from the same North Carolina town as the Squirrel Nut Zippers (and sharing Zipper Jim Mathus), the Countdown Quartet is all about making the people move-whether the people are Dixieland fans in a snooty club or keg-standers in the smelliest, smokiest...

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