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About William Claxton


Born in 1927 and raised in Southern California, William Claxton holds a special place in the history of American photography. Since his earliest pictures in the 1950s, he created photographs that garnered attention for their intimate yet soulful feel.

Always noted for his sensitive and poetic style, Claxton has long been considered a preeminent photographer of jazz music. His jazz imagery has graced the covers of countless albums and magazines for over five decades.

Since his early career—shooting for Life, Paris Match and Vogue, among other magazines—Claxton worked with and became friends with many Hollywood luminaries. In 2003, he was awarded the distinguished Lucie by the International Photography Awards.

As the author of 13 books and subject of dozens of exhibitions, Claxton enjoyed a worldwide audience for his work.

Claxton died on October 11, 2008.