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08/14/12    Photos

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2012

Stuart Brinin shares photos from recent event in northern California


07/04/12    Photos

Luciana Souza & Romero Lubambo: Live at Stanford Jazz Festival

Stuart Brinin shares photos from recent concert in California


09/22/11    Photos

2011 Monterey Jazz Festival: Rollins, Hiromi, Ruffins & More

Photographer Stuart Brinin shares images from renowned festival in California


05/10/11    News

SFJAZZ Breaks Ground on New Facility

Stuart Brinin shares photos from recent event marking groundbreaking for construction of its new home


04/04/11    Photos

Stanley Clarke Band: Live at Yoshi's

Photos by Stuart Brinin of recent performance by noted bassist and his band


09/22/10    Photos

Monterey Jazz Festival 2010

Photos by Stuart Brinin from 53rd Monterey Jazz Festival held in September 2010


06/09/10    Photos

Concert by Regina Carter and Mads Tolling

Photos by Stuart Brinin from concert by Regina Carter and Mads Tolling presented by SFJAZZ


05/24/10    Photos

Photos from Sonoma Jazz+

Photo essay by photographer Stuart Brinin from Sonoma Jazz+

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About Stuart Brinin


Stuart Brinin has been documenting the jazz & blues world through his lens for over 30 years. Stuart’s work has been published in the New York Times, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, as well as a number of other major publications.

National and international music assignments have provided him with access to some of the best artists of the day. He is a regular covering the Monterey and San Francisco Jazz Festivals. His photos have graced grammy-nominated album covers by such legends as Charles Brown, and Irma Thomas. Stuart is currently a contributing photographer to JazzTimes,Jazziz, and Living Blues magazines. He is the house photographer for Yoshi’s Jazz Club in his hometown of Oakland, California.

David Rubien of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote: ”You might call Stuart Brinin the photo laureate of the Bay Area jazz world.”

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