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07/28/12    Community Articles

How and Why to Make Your System Alkaline

As a fast overview, a compound with a pH from to seven is regarded as acidic in character, whereas a material with a pH of seven to 14 is deemed alkaline in character. A pH of seven is regarded neutral, for example, pure h2o has a pH of seven. Obtaining...

07/28/12    Community Articles

Despair and Intelligence

Formulation feeding fairly than breast-feeding<br>smoking cigarettes <br>Prenatal melancholy through pregnancy <br>A history of despair<br>Prenatal anxiousness <br>Lack of social assist <br>Common anxiety relevant to relationships...

07/28/12    Community Articles

Diabetes and the Adrenal Glands

&bull A combination of carbo-coma-ingesting far too a lot of carbs and de-mineralized food items. This likely lethal mixture final results in a condition acknowledged as mineral deficiency syndrome or Diabetes 2! Diabetes two is the lack of ability of...

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