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September 1999    Hearsay

Craig Chaquico

Guitarist Craig Chaquico had a strong, 16-year run as lead electric guitarist for Jefferson Starship, the multi-platinum rock band. Now he’s gone acoustic, contemplative, and writing tunes about the beauty of the natural world—and the success he enjoyed...


September 1999    Hearsay

Rod McGaha

Rod McGaha modestly calls himself a “student of the music,” a player who is even unsure about calling himself a jazz musician. But as a trumpeter, composer, lyricist, producer, and even vocalist, McGaha has no reason to doubt his credentials. Inspired and...


September 1999    Hearsay

Duane Eubanks

Trumpeter Duane Eubanks is getting very close to nailing down his own style of play, but it’s a process that he regards as a “never-ending challenge.” “A lot of trumpet players today use the same approach,” he says, “which is kind of a strong, Freddie Hubbard...


September 1999    Label Watch

Label Watch: Dreambox

It was back in the early 1980s when drummer Jim Miller decided that he’d reached the end of his rope with record companies. Playing with a jazz-fusion group in Philadelphia known as Reverie, Miller found his band out in the cold after a record label decided...


July/August 1999    Hearsay

Adam Rafferty

Guitarist Adam Rafferty has set high goals for himself as a jazz musician and he knows that reaching them will be a career-long proposition. “If you listen to the masters—jazz, classical, or otherwise—it goes beyond just a human ego expressing something...


July/August 1999    Hearsay

Dena DeRose

Carpal tunnel syndrome is always a problem, and it looms especially large for those who play the piano for a living. Yet the affliction had a bright side for pianist and arranger Dena DeRose because it taught her that she was also a jazz singer—and a fine...


June 1999    Hearsay

Pete Malinverni

When pianist Pete Malinverni takes to the keyboard, it’s a true spiritual experience for him. But don’t think for a minute the guy doesn’t swing. It’s just that Malinverni knows his music is a gift from the Creator and he has a responsibility to use that...


June 1999    Hearsay

Tina Marsh

Vocalist Tina Marsh and her creative Opportunities Orchestra (CO2) have been taking chances with their music for nearly two decades. Whether spoken word, interplanetary poetry, swinging band numbers, or just flat-out vocalizing, Ms. Marsh and her band have...


June 1999    Hearsay

Adam Kolker

The subject of jazz is so vast, and going off in so many diverse directions, that saxophonist Adam Kolker thinks that the idiom is “kind of a free-for-all.” But don’t think he’s complaining; on the contrary, Kolker knows that’s the beauty of it all. “People...


May 1999    Hearsay

Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent sings the great tunes from America’s classic songbook, and she does it because of her absolute love for the melodies and the stories that they relate. Working in this repertoire, in fact, is a compulsion for this self-proclaimed romantic, who...

May 1999    Label Watch

Label Watch: Jazz Focus

The cliché says that where you put your money is where your true passions lie. For Canadian Philip Barker, founder and president of Jazz Focus Records, it’s obvious that it’s the music that matters. “People sometimes ask why I started Jazz Focus,” he said...

April 1999    Label Watch

Label Watch: Naim Records

Recordings on the British Naim label have several unique qualities, not the least of which is the company’s passion for capturing the essence of a performance on each release. According to Naim’s technical guru, Julian Vereker, who handles mastering, it’s...


April 1999    Label Watch

Label Watch: Malandro Records

Malandro Records president Rick Warm has found a cozy niche in Brazilian jazz, the seeds of which began in 1990 while he was in Brazil doing a college internship in international business. During those nine months, Warm pursued Brazilian music in his leisure...


April 1999    Hearsay

Monica Mancini

Her famous last name can open lots of doors for her, as can her many friends in the entertainment business. But Monica Mancini doesn’t need connections; her voice and delivery have proven to be all she needs. Mancini has been on the scene for years as a...


April 1999    Hearsay

Marcus Shelby

San Francisco bassist Marcus Shelby has a passion for jazz, particularly the variety coming out of his home base. He calls his style of play “hardcore swing,” but he also adds healthy mixes of color and inventive harmonic ideas. “That’s what’s kept me in...


January/February 1999    Hearsay

Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson, burned in the past by less-than-upright businesspeople, decided to give his musical career a bit more protection. After earning degrees in both music and business administration, he headed for law school in an attempt both to protect himself...

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