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08/02/13    Albums

Troy Roberts

Roberts is stunning soloists with considerable technique, inspiring the listener with natural phrasing with a big rounded tone, which is never clichéd.

08/02/13    Albums

Rebecca Harrold

Harrold is proof positive that contemplative piano jazz, underpinned with a New Age touch is just the right mix in today’s evolving jazz palette.

06/25/13    Albums

Jacob Varmus, Terminal Stillness

The concept of this album is slow motivic development. I wanted to break free from the fast-paced New York jazz world where such development, if ideas are even connected, often happens so quickly you can’t absorb it, or breathe it in

06/07/13    Albums

Metheny Tackles the Zorn Book of Angels

The coming together of two influential figures is a refreshing approach, but more importantly the respect, understanding and care that Metheny shows on Zorn's music is a distinctive way of embossing Zorn’s music to a completely different listenership through...

05/16/13    Community Articles

Olivia Foschi: Perennial Dreamer

H. Allen Williams reviews debut album from singer

05/15/13    Community Articles

Olivia Foschi, Perennial Dreamer

Fresh, innovative and refreshingly uplifting – these are the descriptive phrases I would use to define Olivia Foschi’s debut release Perennial Dreamer.


08/26/12    Community Articles

Susan Krebs: Actress, Activist, Jazz Musician and Gardener

Rooted in many principals of the arts - artist (in all sense of the word), Susan Krebs exhibits a particular understanding that jazz is about much more than complex structures and heady notes. It is a reason, a lifestyle, a language and an emotion.


08/11/12    Albums

Pamela Hines, A Composers Story

I got a chance to delve into some questions I too wanted to know about Pamela and her processes, and I am sure some of you wondered some of the same questions as I. We spoke about composing and working with vocalists, an art-form many instrumentalists today...


08/01/12    Albums

Looking Forward - An Interview with Eyal Vilner

What makes Vilner standout as one to watch is his innate ability to write very intricate counterpoint and harmony. Not only does he preserve the history of Big Band, but his auspicious debut Introducing the Eyal Vilner Big Band, advances the tradition in...


07/30/12    Albums

Leslie Lewis, Midnight Sun

I got a chance to interview Leslie right before her move to Paris; we spoke about her upbringing, the California Jazz scene versus the New York scene and her process for choosing material for her records. It was a delightful opportunity to get a closer look...


06/09/12    Albums

Yelena Eckemoff Interview/Review - Looking Forward

I was fortunate enough to have a chance to interview this significant composer and delve into some of her processes and background, including her decision to move to the United States when Russia was the Soviet Union.

05/24/12    Community Articles

Carol Morgan Interview - Looking Back

Residing in Manhattan and originally from Texas, Carol Morgan is a jazz trumpeter, composer, author and college professor. A Juilliard graduate who has worked with many remarkable teachers including Chris Gekker, Mark Gould, Ingrid Jensen, and Dennis Dotson...

05/24/12    Community Articles

Nancy Kelly Interview - Looking Back

Nancy Kelly’s refined vocal style is a study in phrasing, style and the ability to swing. Kelly’s powerful singing has captured many awards and the ears of many jazz fans around the globe. With a new CD that continues to demonstrate why critics have called...

05/24/12    Community Articles

An Interview with Lynne Arriale - Looking Back

Ultimately the reason we play is to reach people, communicate with them and share an uplifting experience with people. That is the whole reason for playing. We never forget that. We always appreciate that people have taken the time to come to hear our concert...

05/24/12    Community Articles

An Interview with Stanley Clark - Looking Back

His boutique record label, the Roxboro Entertainment Group, is releasing several albums this year, including one by Ruslan Sirota and another by funky, smooth, jazz keyboardist Sunnie Paxson. Clarke is also working on a recording project with fellow bassists...

05/24/12    Community Articles

An Interview With Dave Holland - Looking Back

Legendary bassist Dave Holland draws upon positive energy and Dares2 release a follow- up album to his Grammy award winning, "What Goes Around," with his latest big band release "Overtime." Dave openly talks with H. Allen Williams about his upcoming release...

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