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11/21/13    Albums

Gene Ess

Fractal Attraction is a very intelligent collection of compositions that simultaneously respects the history of the jazz language while pushing the vocabulary forward. Fractal Attraction has a coherent style and compositional elements that allow the group...

11/18/13    Albums

Suzi Stern

Stern has released 7 CDs on various labels, Viewpoint Records, Aardvark Records and Bus Biscuit Records. Stern’s latest release, Romancing the Dark, is a collection of her own original compositions, lyrics and arrangements that reaches out of the jazz idiom...

11/18/13    Albums

Leni Stern

SMOKE, NO FIRE is a superb set of songs that combines African folk sounds with the sounds of blues, jazz and American folk.

10/25/13    Albums

Lisa Forkish

With an artist as wide-ranging and prolific as Forkish, it can be hard to put into words what, exactly, what her music sounds like, but one thing is for sure, Forkish is intent on delivering a story that blends traditional swing, ballads and classic soul...

10/15/13    Albums

Alex Snydman

Percussionist-composer Alex Snydman’s debut release, Fortunate Action, is the culmination of much thought and dedicated patience with a focus on developing are repertoire with like-minded musicians.

10/15/13    Albums

Earl MacDonald

Mirror of the Mind is another great installment in the interesting, endeavors and ever growing catalog of pianist/composer Earl MacDonald, Chamber Jazz at its best.

09/21/13    Albums

Chris Greco

Greco’s new CD, Trane of Thought, has eight original compositions performed by a group of players that know how to play groove-based dynamic music.

08/18/13    Albums

Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse

Boston-area vocalist Lynn Jolicoeur and her band The Pulse have been performing at top jazz venues and arts festivals in the Boston area, to rave audience response since 2008. Jolicoeur and The Pulse have now put that magic in a recorded documentation which...

08/14/13    Albums

Beat Funktion

Though Beat Funktion is calling upon the 60’s and 70’s funk concepts for a foundation, this group has taken the concept much further and created their own unique take with a modern day sound, while still maintaining an authenticity of raw, funky grooves...

08/03/13    Albums

David Binney

Binney again furthers his command of composing and group-leading with Lifted Land, appearing to focus on composing and group conception more than improvising. Overall, Binney's tunes are anthemic, evocative, yet prepared to venture into abstract terrain.

08/02/13    Albums

Troy Roberts

Roberts is stunning soloists with considerable technique, inspiring the listener with natural phrasing with a big rounded tone, which is never clichéd.

08/02/13    Albums

Rebecca Harrold

Harrold is proof positive that contemplative piano jazz, underpinned with a New Age touch is just the right mix in today’s evolving jazz palette.

06/25/13    Albums

Jacob Varmus, Terminal Stillness

The concept of this album is slow motivic development. I wanted to break free from the fast-paced New York jazz world where such development, if ideas are even connected, often happens so quickly you can’t absorb it, or breathe it in

06/07/13    Albums

Metheny Tackles the Zorn Book of Angels

The coming together of two influential figures is a refreshing approach, but more importantly the respect, understanding and care that Metheny shows on Zorn's music is a distinctive way of embossing Zorn’s music to a completely different listenership through...

05/16/13    Community Articles

Olivia Foschi: Perennial Dreamer

H. Allen Williams reviews debut album from singer

05/15/13    Community Articles

Olivia Foschi, Perennial Dreamer

Fresh, innovative and refreshingly uplifting – these are the descriptive phrases I would use to define Olivia Foschi’s debut release Perennial Dreamer.

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