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11/23/14    Albums

Beat Funktion

Beat Funktion’s latest endeavor is the next contribution to a growing discography that I feel one day will be added to the reference point of great funk/jazz bands, certainly ones to watch. Highly Recommended!

11/12/14    Albums

Mason Razavi

Quartet Plus, is a collection of Razavi’s originals orchestrated by both a quartet and a nonet. Razavi’s compositions are rich with the sounds of jazz tradition, but also cleverly expand upon the tradition with modern colors, rhythmic settings and innovative...

11/04/14    Albums

Patrick Battstone and Richard Poole

For their current work, they have expanded the musical conversations, but still keeping the “chamber jazz” sound and experience. The group has been augmented to included Chris Rathbun on bass and Todd Brunel on bass clarinet. Poole is playing drums in addition...

11/04/14    Albums

Donna Singer

Destiny, Moment of Jazz is an enjoyable moment of jazz and whether the songs are swingers or heartstring pullers, Singer has the control and conviction to get the best out of them, focusing on vibrant musical arrangements a no-nonsense delivery of the melodies...

08/21/14    Albums

Reginald Cyntje

Cyntje’s compositions are clear and utilize the strengths of this writing through his adept ensemble. The music offers the listener a chance to hear many styles and variances of intensity and tempos. Cyntje's messaging comes through clearly through the...

08/05/14    Albums

Oscar Peñas

Music of Departures and Returns is an enjoyable collection of styles and sounds from around the world presented with heart felt joy and clarity. The music will certainly leave the listener with a joyful and playful feeling; Peñas’ focus on making good...

07/20/14    Albums


If you enjoy the sounds of the Pat Metheny Group, especially the era of First Circle and Letter From Home, you will certainly want to say Hello to Storyboard.

06/28/14    Albums

George Bouchard

Overall, this is a very enjoyable CD, the compositions are excellent vehicles for the band to improvise on and the audience is committed to the project. The band is top-shelf and all eight selections are full of strong musical moments that keep things moving...

05/07/14    Albums

Bobby Avey

Avey recorded two separate Haitian drumming groups and then transcribed the rhythms for inspiration for the five compositions that comprise the suite. Avey travelled to Haiti to visit and record a Voodoo ceremony in the small village of Soukri, near the...

04/24/14    Albums

Takeshi Asai

What instantly sets Asai’s French Trio, Vol. 1 CD apart is his playing and composing style is thankfully void of clichés and is purely about the beauty of melody and the purity of the music.

04/24/14    Albums

Les Sabler

Sabler conveys a fresh take on Jobim Tribute, as once again the power of Jobim’s music is given yet another wonderful working that is full of sensitivity and sophistication.

03/30/14    Albums

Glenn Cashman's Southland Nonet

Each one of these selections are top shelf, the CD has a great flow and a wonderful cause, with a portion of the proceeds going to support Doctors Without Borders. This is a carryover CD from last year, but if you missed it, be sure to take the time to...

03/30/14    Albums

Lisa Hilton

Pianist/composer Lisa Hilton again delivers an outstanding collection of tunes that is focused on balancing the simple and complex. Hilton’s precision as a performer and creative compositions champion the less-is-more approach and should appeal to a wide...

03/09/14    Albums

Dorothy Doring and Phil Mattson

Mattson and Doring truly show they are both veteran performers and take into account each song as a special message and thoughtful addition to the album. The combination of Ellington and Strayhorn tunes as an exploration is genius and truly complimentary...

03/02/14    Albums

Susan Clynes

Life Is... has something for everyone and its creative sounds covers much ground between pop and jazz, but always stays creative. Clynes’ music is positive, upbeat and intelligent and each ensemble setting brings her works to life in its own unique way...

02/22/14    Albums

Gwilym Simcock and Yuri Goloubev

Duo Art: Reverie at Schloss Elmau is excellently recorded and produced and will be a welcomed addition to anyone’s music library. The mixing of classicism and jazz makes this wonderful recording stand out.

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