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11/09/15    Albums

Gene Ess, Eternal Monomyth

Eternal Monomyth is Ess’ musical statement about the harmonious journey taken by a hero. The term Monomyth originated with the great American mind, teacher, and philosopher, Joseph Campbell. Ess, our musical hero, unfolds a journey that is very human and...

10/02/15    Albums

Beat Funktion

Lantz has composed music that integrates jazz, funk and groove for the Beat Funktion sound from its inception. In this respect, Beat Funktion remains true to the roots of jazz, embracing the articulations and rhythms through its harmonic language and transcending...

09/24/15    Albums

Aimée Allen

Today we listen to jazz singers and hear a combination of contemporary gospel, R&B mixed with jazz and there are shows that like to critique each vocalist style like: The Voice, American Idol or BET's Sunday Best. Allen’s got the goods to deliver in the...

07/27/15    Albums

Catherine Marie Charlton

If you enjoy passionate piano improvisations with classical stylings coming from the heart, you will enjoy Charlton’s new project, Maiden's Voyage. With a stirring yearning to ramble through the woods and connect with oneself; to be unconscious and conscious...

07/23/15    Albums

Glen Ackerman

If you have a predilection for music which is excitingly different from the run-of-the-mill modern jazz, Glenious Alien Landscape will fit the bill.

06/03/15    Albums

Lu "Sweet Lu" Olutosin

A wonderful example of melding the sound of an era, but with modern day players and original tunes that lay well against the re-arranged standards, it was at times difficult to tell the standards from the originals, which speaks highly of the quality of...

05/07/15    Albums


Their first album, Out Of Jazz was received with high praise, which was followed up with Hollywood is on Fire which features MC Webbafied from the End of the Weak Crew (New York). Hollywood is on Fire mixes old school funk, jazz and hip hop in a modern...

04/25/15    Albums

Chris Cortez

With Top Secret! Cortez continues to confirm his fusion of styles and techniques that is a wide spanning musical vision of performing, improvising and composing that has been refined over the years to be of the highest artistic quality. Cortez is making...

04/05/15    Albums

Bob Mundy

Bob is also an accomplished Actor, a member of Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA and has appeared in many theatrical TV & Film productions. Favorite roles have included Party Of One (San Francisco’s longest running original review at the time), Donny the Bandleader...

02/16/15    Albums

Mark Meadows

Somethin’ Good is an excellent recording that is a perfect connection between young and older listeners, and chance to hear today’s jazz for the young, and a chance for the purist to step out of the traditional trio sound and hear the inventive and changing...

11/23/14    Albums

Beat Funktion

Beat Funktion’s latest endeavor is the next contribution to a growing discography that I feel one day will be added to the reference point of great funk/jazz bands, certainly ones to watch. Highly Recommended!

11/12/14    Albums

Mason Razavi

Quartet Plus, is a collection of Razavi’s originals orchestrated by both a quartet and a nonet. Razavi’s compositions are rich with the sounds of jazz tradition, but also cleverly expand upon the tradition with modern colors, rhythmic settings and innovative...

11/04/14    Albums

Patrick Battstone and Richard Poole

For their current work, they have expanded the musical conversations, but still keeping the “chamber jazz” sound and experience. The group has been augmented to included Chris Rathbun on bass and Todd Brunel on bass clarinet. Poole is playing drums in addition...

11/04/14    Albums

Donna Singer

Destiny, Moment of Jazz is an enjoyable moment of jazz and whether the songs are swingers or heartstring pullers, Singer has the control and conviction to get the best out of them, focusing on vibrant musical arrangements a no-nonsense delivery of the melodies...

08/21/14    Albums

Reginald Cyntje

Cyntje’s compositions are clear and utilize the strengths of this writing through his adept ensemble. The music offers the listener a chance to hear many styles and variances of intensity and tempos. Cyntje's messaging comes through clearly through the...

08/05/14    Albums

Oscar Peñas

Music of Departures and Returns is an enjoyable collection of styles and sounds from around the world presented with heart felt joy and clarity. The music will certainly leave the listener with a joyful and playful feeling; Peñas’ focus on making good...

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