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My name is Stelios Panoutsopoulos and i am a guitar teacher for 19 years.My main guitar is a 1992 Fender Stratocaster and a 1977 Martin M-36 acoustic. I also use a 1981 Contreras studio classical guitar.That's untill Django came into my life, after watching Jimmie Rosenberg at the movie: "The father the son and the talent" back in 2007.
A year later i was at Paris and i purchased a nice 2004 "Castelluccia" (Sweet Chorus) manouche Guitar second hand. Since then that's my main guitar. Trying to play Django's music I was getting info's from the internet (tabs, scores, videos), collecting what ever was useful and even transcribing the solos from the songs by ear, which is the best way, but it needs a lot of (rewinding, stopping and play), and some good software to slow down the tempo.
So I decided to do a full "Django Reinhardt for Band in a Box" collection of all the solos and melodies Django ever played. There are about 200 songs for the solos and another 200 with the main theme melodies.
If you like to play guitar the way Django did, I believe this is the best method. I used to play jazz guitar before I discovered Django, by using "Band in a Box", which for me was the best way to learn the tunes from Parker, Duke, Monk, Miles and all the other great jazz musicians.
The songs are transcribed note by note, i didn't put the bends in, because it was really hard to do, but after all the best way to play them is to study them from BB and then listen to the real songs, and what Django did, so you can get the real feel and the bends he used to do.

Thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy jamming Djangos tracks!

Stelios Panos joined the JazzTimes community on Apr 20, 2012