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"Looking forward the proximity to this concept, the MOKSHA TRIO develops an interesting work which involves the composition of own songs and original performance..."


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Moksha Trio: Brazilian instrumental music with vanguard echoes

“... they combine the melodic-harmonic influences from contemporary classical music with the variety of the brazilian-afro rhythmic...” By Carlos Calado

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About Moksha Trio


Recorded in 2008, the first Moksha’s album (independent label) were devised after an extensive work in which made part the musicians: Gilberto Ferri (Piano), Lauro Lellis (drums) and Felipe Alves (Bass).

Moksha Trio’s drummer, Lauro Lellis, whom is also Tom Zé Band’s drummer for the two last decades, is the most renowned musician of this trio which also includes the Piano player Gilberto Ferri and the Bass player Felipe Alvez. The group’s name antecipates yours musical conception: from sanscrit, Moksh means liberation, freedom.

The repertory of “Introspection” (independent label), Moksha Trio’s debut album, includes eight own songs of which seven of them were composed by Ferri. Theme songs, like “Kronos” and “Instropecção”, merge the melodic-harmonic influences from contemporary classical music with the great variety of the brazilian-afro rhythm, not forgetting the jazzy style.

Replete with dissonances, “Fragmentos” (also by Ferri) is a somber piece for solo piano. In “Idéias”, Lellis displays all his technique during an electrifying drum solo. Defintely, brazilian instrumental music with echoes of his vanguard.

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