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12/07/15    Albums

The Fred Hughes Trio Promises "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

The Fred Hughes Trio has turned in some beautiful previous recordings such as "Out of The Blue", "Live", "No Turning Back," "Love Letters" and, on DVD, "In Concert." Now Hughes with Amy Shook (bass) and Frank Russo (drums) have offered a terrific holiday...


11/27/15    Albums

"Aegean" -- A Sea of Jazz Sound by Jacob Varmus.

Jacob Varmus’ 2015 release “Aegean” is a commissioned piece for Jazz septet. Apostolos Georgopoulus is the patron and Jazz fan for the funding of the album. And we feared the Renaissance was over…


11/27/15    Albums

Cowboys & Frenchmen Ride It Out on "Rodeo"

You’ve got to love a Jazz band who calls themselves “Cowboys and Frenchmen.” Talk about polar opposites. But this is 21st century Jazz, where boundaries and genres are blurred…or just ignored. “Rodeo” does just that by incorporating Pop, R &B and Folk...


11/27/15    Albums

Herb Silverstein is Always "Younger Next Year"

Herb Silverstein, MD, is a well-known ear surgeon and the founder and president of two institutes. In the early 1980s, he was introduced to the music of Chick Corea and it awoke something inside of him which has grown deeper with each passing year.


11/27/15    Albums

George Varghese --"Back in Time"

“Back in Time” may be many people’s first exposure to George Varghese but he has already set his stamp in India where he has won seven national com petitions for “Best Lead Guitarist.” Now calling Seattle home, Varghese is guitarist and producer at Verge...


11/08/15    Albums

"Holmes" by the Jeff Benedict Big Band

Jeff Benedict’s Big Band was put together in the best way imaginable—he chose his best and oldest friends. They come from all over and their esteem for each other cements their talent into one tight ensemble. “Holmes” is the resulting album of this collected...


11/08/15    Albums

“BossaToo” by Kristine Mills

“BossaToo” is Kristine Mills’ sixth album and, once again, she plunges deep into the trove of bossa nova’s riches. With her is Klaus Mueller on piano and keyboards, Itaiguara Brandão on guitar and bass, Portinho on drums and Rafael Barata on percussion...


11/08/15    Albums

“Invisible Man” by Frank Kohl Quartet

“Invisible Man” is Frank Kohl’s third album as a leader. More of a gigging guitarist, Kohl is practically a fixture in two Jazz cities—New York and Seattle. His three albums are spaced widely apart in 1982, 2008 and 2015 with performing filling the intervening...


11/08/15    Albums

Randy Bernsen's "Grace Notes" is Full of Both

It has been over 30 years since the release of Randy Bernsen’s first album, “Music for People, Planets and Washing Machines,” appeared on MCA Records and gave the Jazz world a prophetic vision of what would follow over the next four decades. All the best...


10/25/15    Albums

“One for My Baby; to Frank Sinatra with Love”...Laura Dickinson's Debut Album

In the liner notes of her debut album, “One for My Baby; to Frank Sinatra with Love,” Laura Dickinson sets the background and the mood for this incredible album. She writes of when she was 13 years old would listen with rapt attention to Sinatra’s “The Best...


10/16/15    Albums

Gregorio Uribe Big Band's "Cumbia Universal"

I was privileged to review Gregorio Uribe’s previous album “Pluma y Vino” when it was released in early 2013. I re-read my first review and the concluding line was “My God, I love this album!” Gregorio kindly kept me informed along the way of a big band...


10/16/15    Albums

Vibe Doctors Heal What Hurts You

Vibe Doctors are a trio of Jason Mathena on vibes, Lucas Pettey on bass and Owen Rockwell on drums. In this, their self-titled debut album, they cover several Jazz standards as well as several originals. Don’t expect too little from these guys. They bring...


10/16/15    Albums

Dale Head Knows How to "Swing, Straight Up"

Not only is Dale Head a remarkably swinging vocalist, he is a fine trumpet and flugelhorn player backed by Rory Snyder and his Night Jazz Band. The watchword is energy and Head knows how to crank it up.


09/21/15    Albums

J. Asling Roots & Friends Kick Back Blues-Jazz from Sweden.

The only thing more surprising than hearing authentic blues from a Swede would be hearing one say something nice about Norway. However, Jorgen Asling has done that and more by giving us a rollicking collection of original Blues, Bluegrass and Soul—all done...


09/18/15    Albums

Carter Calvert sings "It's a Man's World" with Quite a Twinkle in Her Eye

To title an album “It’s a Man’s World” by a female vocalist causes a first impression tilt of the head. With even a cursory glance at the track-listing, however, it becomes very clear what Carter Calvert’s intent is. She has chosen great pieces originally...


09/18/15    Albums

Clear Water brings the "Electricity"

I had no expectations when I first listened to Clear Water’s third album “Electricity” but I never expected this! Clear Water is essentially a duo comprised of trumpeter and DJ Donald Malloy and drummer Matt Vorzimer. Their self-titled debut album was...

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