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09/14/14    Albums

A Night Like No Other; Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet release "Tuesday Night"

Finally, Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet has released the long-awaited sequel to “Gordon Blues,” the 1989 sextet recording of the group who won Hennessy Jazz Search competition. In the end, 25 years was not too long to wait for such a splendid recording...


09/09/14    Albums

Chiara Izzi Crashes the Jazz Party. A Beautiful Debut.

In November of 2013, Izzi released her debut album “Motifs” though Dot Time Records (DT 9026) in New York and has since made appearances in Germany and the United States. “Motifs” is a charming and delightful introduction to audiences who have yet to hear...


09/09/14    Albums

Todd Bishop Group Takes Us On a Journey with "Travelogue."

Todd Bishop is one of Portland’s vast array of Jazz musicians. He has been teaching and performing for nearly 30 years and has now released his sixth album for Origin Records.


09/05/14    Community Articles

The Tony Levin Interview

Famed Jazz keyboardist Pete Levin (Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jaco Pastorius) and Progressive rock bassist and brother Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, YES) have released an album celebrating the cool Jazz of their childhood.


09/04/14    Albums

Almost Too Beautiful to Bear; Thierry Maillard's "The Alchemist"

In a sweet meeting of trio meets orchestra, Thierry Maillard has created a work of exquisite beauty and passion.


08/19/14    Albums

Yoojin Park debuts with "West End"

Surrounding herself with talented and experienced musicians, Yoojin Park has crashed the Jazz party. And she is welcome!


08/17/14    Albums

Ken Husbands' Trio is "Keepin' It Going" in All the Right Ways

With a funk and fusion background, Bay Area guitarist Ken Husbands brings all those elements plus the fascinating influence of North Africa into a well-paced and utterly intriguing new album.


07/10/14    Albums

Ask Me Tomorrow by George Colligan

George Colligan teams with bassist Linda Oh and drummer Ted Poor to create an incendiary moment.


06/29/14    Community Articles

It's Not Too Soon to Call Her Great

She is amazing. She plays like she has lived ten lifetimes and played tenor sax in all of them. Melissa Aldana is on her way to legend status.


06/11/14    Albums

Steven Kroon's "On the #1" is exactly that.

The fifth album from the percussionist/band-leader has been well worth the wait. With splendid support from the likes of Ruben Rodriguez, Igor Atalita and Vince Cherico, Steven Kroon has created a sensational new album full of spirit and solace.


05/17/14    Albums

More Than Daft Punk's Bassist

After a career than began with Barry White when Nathan was only 16 years old, he has played for everyone from pop to jazz and has never lost himself. Finally, we get to see Nathan East pick the direction and lead the way.


02/22/14    Albums

Susan Clynes declares what "Life is..."

An excursion into singer-songwriter jazz set in two venues with three formats.


02/04/14    Albums

Tom Guarna is in no hurry on "Rush"

Tom Guarna has continued to develop as a composer and a performer. "Rush" is the next step in his artistic growth. And what a step!


01/26/14    Albums

"Anthem for a New Day"

She has toured and recorded with the best. Now, after six albums, Helen Sung has confidently staked her claim to be called among the very best.


01/19/14    Community Articles

Hristo Vitchev Ascending

What began as an adventurous foray into the world of progressive music has turned into an establishment of splendid composition, musicianship and entrepreneurship. The career of Hristo Vitchev is scarcely 13 years old but he has written himself a page in...


12/27/13    Albums

Beautiful Round

Akira Ishiguro has assembled a remarkable quartet of young talent to create something mature and it is straight-on Jazz. Just like you like it.

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