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05/08/16    Albums

"Musings" of a Young, Brilliant Mind by the Christopher Zuar Orchestra

Delightfully often, and this gives me great hope for the future of our beloved Jazz, there are recordings that grab you from the opening measures and refuse to let you go. Musings, the debut album from Christopher Zuar Orchestra, is just such an album.


05/08/16    Albums

Sari Kessler Knows and Shows How To "Do Right"

I appreciate people who walk away from established careers to follow after Jazz. When the Master beckons, you leave your nets and follow the call. Just like Sari Kessler. She was a clinical psychologist with a successful practice and Jazz called. Thank the...


05/08/16    Community Articles

50 Years of the Eau Claire Jazz Festival...and Jimmy Heath

This past weekend in Wisconsin, April 20-21, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival celebrated 50 years of bringing together Jazz artists, instructors and students to participate, learn and enjoy together. The events began early on Friday morning and concluding very...


04/15/16    Albums

Adison Evans Debuts with "Hero"

Adison Evans exploded onto the Pop stage when she appeared—baritone and alto saxophones at the ready—with Beyoncé at the 2013 Super Bowl. After her time at Julliard (where she came to know the members of her band), she embarked on the current multi-year...


04/15/16    Albums

Steve Wiest and Phröntrange Take "The High Road"

Steve Wiest and Phröntrange have just released The High Road on the Blujazz label (BJ3438) and it is on fire. Even with trombonist Wiest being the only horn player, the effect is like hearing the elephant troop, from Disney’s The Jungle Book, on LSD. They...


04/14/16    Albums

Eli Degibri and the Emotions of "Cliff Hangin'"

Eli Degibri has been making music for a long time with a long list of Jazz stars. And he is not even forty years-old yet. He graduated the Thelonious Monk Institute at the age of 19 and was noticed and recruited by Herbie Hancock for a world tour. Eli was...


04/14/16    Albums

Paul Green Brings an Offering of "Music Coming Together"

Paul Green has already achieved recognition in the Classical world, serving as first clarinetist with the Palm Beach Symphony and Florida Grand Opera. He is also well-known in the Klezmer tradition and has gained fame in that music style. But Green also...


04/11/16    Albums

George Colligan Does It All on "Write Them Down"

He was the drummer for Kerry Politzer’s great piano Jazz albums and was so again on his early 2015 release Risky Notion. He has developed a bass proficiency to go with all the keyboards, horns, percussion and now, with the release of Write Them Down (Resonant...


04/11/16    Albums

Yvonnick Prene's "Breathe"... And A Most Unusual Quartet.

I first heard Yvonnick Prene on bassist Lorin Cohen’s debut album, Home. I remember wondering who this fantastic harmonica player was. I was directed to his 2015 album with guitarist Pasquale Grasso, Merci Toots—a tribute to harmonica pioneer Toots Thielemans...


04/11/16    Albums

Ellis Willis Sounds Out the "Call to Battle"

In 2014, Ellis Williams released his debut album, Euphoria, to authentic admiration and an expanded expectation of what more would follow. It has been two years and Williams has now released Call to Battle. Guitarist/Producer Andrew “Hawksilver” Piland knows...


04/11/16    Albums

Chris Ziemba Delivers a "Manhattan Lullaby"

Pianist Chris Ziemba’s Manhattan Lullaby is a planetary alignment of several admired elements. A recent graduate of Julliard, Ziemba is himself an educator. His quartet consists of top-flight players: Michael Thomas on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Hans...


03/30/16    Albums

"Land of the Descendants" by the Chembo Corniel Quintet

In the Autumn of 2012, Wilson “Chembo” Corniel, Jr. released what became one of my favorite albums of all time, entitled Afro Blue Monk. It was filled with brilliant compositions from Mongo Santamaria, Thelonious Monk and more. The band was hot and Chembo...


03/21/16    Albums

Enrique Haneine Reveals "The Instants of Time"

Enrique Haneine was born in Mexico City (of Lebanese ancestry) and is currently living in New York City. All of those influences and environments have found their way into the captivating and cultivating forms discovered within the confines—if there are...


03/21/16    Albums

Rebecca Kilgore's "Moonshadow Dance"

Moonshadow Dance is the gozillionth recording by Rebecca Kilgore. This album, however, is an amazing partnership between Kilgore, Mike Horsfall and Ellen Vanderslice wherein all three contribute original music and lyrics.


03/20/16    Albums

Sarah King and The Smoke Rings Bring Back the Swing...and the Fun!

What a fun and charming jump back to the Swing Era! Sarah King and the Smoke Rings have released a self-titled debut album with some of my absolute favorite songs from that glorious time and I enjoyed every second of the experience.


03/19/16    Albums

Of Color(s)/(UN)-folding from Curtis Stewart

Curtis Stewart has created a musical offering of incredible scope and depth with Of Color(s)/UN-folding. From the original compositions to the arrangements of Jazz, Classical and Pop pieces to the colorful and unfolding packaging which protects it, this...

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