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10/16/15    Albums

Dale Head Knows How to "Swing, Straight Up"

Not only is Dale Head a remarkably swinging vocalist, he is a fine trumpet and flugelhorn player backed by Rory Snyder and his Night Jazz Band. The watchword is energy and Head knows how to crank it up.


09/21/15    Albums

J. Asling Roots & Friends Kick Back Blues-Jazz from Sweden.

The only thing more surprising than hearing authentic blues from a Swede would be hearing one say something nice about Norway. However, Jorgen Asling has done that and more by giving us a rollicking collection of original Blues, Bluegrass and Soul—all done...


09/18/15    Albums

Carter Calvert sings "It's a Man's World" with Quite a Twinkle in Her Eye

To title an album “It’s a Man’s World” by a female vocalist causes a first impression tilt of the head. With even a cursory glance at the track-listing, however, it becomes very clear what Carter Calvert’s intent is. She has chosen great pieces originally...


09/18/15    Albums

Clear Water brings the "Electricity"

I had no expectations when I first listened to Clear Water’s third album “Electricity” but I never expected this! Clear Water is essentially a duo comprised of trumpeter and DJ Donald Malloy and drummer Matt Vorzimer. Their self-titled debut album was...


09/13/15    Albums

Galen Weston is Finally "Plugged In"

Galen Weston has been playing guitar for many years but don’t look in back catalogues for his name in the credits. Weston has spent an extended amount of time running the Internet business that he himself established. Now, and at long last, Weston has come...


09/05/15    Albums

The Whistle Blower by Gilad Atzmon and The Orient House Ensemble

“The Whistle Blower” is the eighth album in the 15-year career of Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble. While pianist Frank Harrison has been aboard since the beginning in 2000 and bassist Yaron Stavi has been a member since 2003, drummer Chris Higginbottom...


09/04/15    Albums

Glenn Zaleski's "My Ideal" is Indeed Ideal

It has been a busy time for pianist, composer and arranger Glenn Zaleski. Things are only going to get busier. He is in high demand for recording and performing in the New York City Jazz scene. Finally, he has released his own album with the right artists...


09/04/15    Albums

"Hat and Shoes" by Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research

Gebhard Ullmann is a remarkable multi-instrumentalist. On this album, “Hat and Shoes” (Between the Lines Records, BTLCHR 71238), he limits himself to tenor saxophone and bass clarinet. This album marks his 20 years with his band Basement Research and his...


08/21/15    Albums

The Kingdom of Arwen by Thierry Maillard

After 2014’s critically acclaimed and hugely successful album “The Alchemist,” Thierry Maillard and his trio have recorded “The Kingdom of Arwen” on the Naïve Label. In addition to the trio is the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Jan Kucera...


08/02/15    Albums

History of Tango by Berta Rojas

Berta Rojas has proven over and over that she can play any guitar style with any group or musical partner she chooses. Whether it is a Jazz interpretation of Paraguayan music with Pacquito Di Rivera or solo classical guitar or with a young people’s orchestra...


07/22/15    Albums

Lucas Pino's "No Net Nonet"

Lucas Pino is just getting started and we are fortunate to catch him early in his career and watch what he becomes. He is already an excellent composer—in fact, he was already composing great pieces in high school. His talents were sharpened at the Brubeck...


07/22/15    Albums

Ryan Cohan's "The River"

In 2008, Ryan Cohan and his Jazz quartet toured East Africa. He found himself affected and influenced by the musical traditions and the rich culture. He wrote—and has now recorded—music based upon that profound experience. The album is “The River” and is...


07/22/15    Albums

After You by Mason Razavi and Bennett Roth-Newell

Guitarist Mason Razavi and pianist Bennett Roth-Newell have been longtime collaborators in many and varied large Jazz ensembles. “After You” marks their first duo effort together. Formerly supporting players, Razavi and Roth-Newell step forward in equal...


07/08/15    Albums

"Cosmogram" by Hugo Fernandez

Right from the start, throw out any ideas of comparing Hugo Fernandez to anybody. Comparisons to Pat Metheny and John Abercrombie have been made but that presupposition is going to make you miss the absolute thrill of Fernandez’ album “Cosmogram.” This is...


06/25/15    Albums

"Merci Toots" by Yvonnick Prene and Pasquale Grasso

If most people were asked to name a Jazz harmonica player—if they could name anyone at all—it would be Toots Thielemans. Most harmonica playing comes in the form of Bob Dylan or Neil Young or John Popper. Parisian Yvonnick Prene is set to change all that...


06/25/15    Albums

Thana Alexa's "Ode to Heroes"

From the opening track, “Ode to Heroes,” Thana shows that she is indeed an instrumentalist with her voice. Now percussive, now lush and lyrical, now precise and distinct, she employs a wide range of vocal techniques and make them all work beyond belief.

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