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05/20/16    Albums

Bruce Torff Takes It "Down the Line"

Down the Line (Summit DCD 672) is the second album from pianist/composer Bruce Torff. The 11 original compositions reveal Torff to be a composer with a great instinct for Modern Jazz. Sadly, the album was occasioned by the death of Torff’s childhood friend...


05/15/16    Albums

Julian Shore Journeys on "Which Way Now?"

Which Way Now? (Tone Rogue Records) is pianist and composer Julian Shore’s sophomore album, following his 2012 debut Filaments. By the end of the album, the listener has come to understand that this is not a statement of doubt or uncertainty. Rather, it...


05/15/16    Albums

Nothing Restless in Roxy Coss's "Restless Idealism"

Restless Idealism (Origin 82705) is the title and theme of the second album by saxophonist Roxy Coss. It comes from something that Hunter S. Thompson once said, “It was the tension between…two poles—a restless idealism on the one hand and a sense of impending...


05/15/16    Albums

Carlos Vega Punches "Bird's Ticket"

Carlos Vega, saxophonist and composer, was well-established in the Latin music scene of Miami and a student of Jazz when he made the move to Chicago in 2005. Having played with Arturo Sandoval and Tito Puente, he found a happy convergence of all his musical...


05/15/16    Albums

"Return of the East-West Trumpet Summit" by Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott

With the astounding success of their 2010 release East-West Trumpet Summit, Ray Vega and Thomas Marriott are at it again with Return of the East-West Trumpet Summit (Origin 82707). It recalls the great duets like Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw and it is...


05/15/16    Albums

Danny Green Trio Offers "Altered Narratives"

Altered Narratives is Danny Green’s fourth album, his second on the OA2 label (OA2 22128). His exemplary trio (Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums) have explored Brazilian themes and have captivated the West Coast Jazz scene with their tight...


05/13/16    Albums

Chris Klaxton Presents a "Collage"

The loss of one dear ripples through our lives and our art in in relentless waves. It affects us forever and all we can do is grapple with the loss through remembrance and thought. We cannot explain but we can, at least, explore. This is the scene with...


05/13/16    Albums

Carrera Quinta Plays "Big Band"... And They Do It Well.

Carrera Quinta is the musical brainchild of Colombian composers Javier Pérez Sandoval (guitar) and Francy Montalvo (piano). The original motivation of the group was the marriage of modern Jazz with rich Colombian traditional themes. In 2015, the band decided...


05/12/16    Albums

Christian Winther Shows How to "Take Refuge in Sound"

Beginning with 2011’s From the Sound Up and following up with 2013’s Two People, Winther has released albums of creativity and reverence (Two People featured the music of Billy Strayhorn). Now, with Refuge in Sound (Sound Perspective Music SPM1001), Winther...


05/12/16    Albums

The Tony Lustig Quintet is "Taking Flight"

Enter Tony Lustig. He is a Detroit native and studied at Michigan State University before moving on to Julliard. His move to New York City put him in touch (and in the line-up) with the big guys: Wynton Marsalis, Christian McBride and more. His sound has...


05/12/16    Albums

"Live in New York" by Takeshi Asai

Takeshi Asai is a brilliant composer and performer but his skills at arranging at equally brilliant. His trio recordings and his duet recording have been extremely well-received. I have immensely enjoyed every album of his that I have heard. Now he releases...


05/08/16    Albums

Dick Sisto/Steve Allee Quartet Play in "Earth Tones"

Dick Sisto and Steve Allee have been performing together and apart for decades. Cannonball Adderley called vibraphonist Dick Sisto an “excellent player” and Rufus Reid called pianist Steve Allee “world class.”


05/08/16    Albums

"Musings" of a Young, Brilliant Mind by the Christopher Zuar Orchestra

Delightfully often, and this gives me great hope for the future of our beloved Jazz, there are recordings that grab you from the opening measures and refuse to let you go. Musings, the debut album from Christopher Zuar Orchestra, is just such an album.


05/08/16    Albums

Sari Kessler Knows and Shows How To "Do Right"

I appreciate people who walk away from established careers to follow after Jazz. When the Master beckons, you leave your nets and follow the call. Just like Sari Kessler. She was a clinical psychologist with a successful practice and Jazz called. Thank the...


05/08/16    Community Articles

50 Years of the Eau Claire Jazz Festival...and Jimmy Heath

This past weekend in Wisconsin, April 20-21, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival celebrated 50 years of bringing together Jazz artists, instructors and students to participate, learn and enjoy together. The events began early on Friday morning and concluding very...


04/15/16    Albums

Adison Evans Debuts with "Hero"

Adison Evans exploded onto the Pop stage when she appeared—baritone and alto saxophones at the ready—with Beyoncé at the 2013 Super Bowl. After her time at Julliard (where she came to know the members of her band), she embarked on the current multi-year...

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