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11/21/13    Albums

Keith Jarrett's talent for composition shows "No End"

After 28 years, Keith Jarrett releases home-studio recordings that amaze and inspire...and surprise.


11/10/13    Albums

"The 6th Story" by simakDialog

simakDialog is from Jakarta, Indonesia and were founded in 1993. Leonardo Pavkovic of MoonJune Records saw their talent and brought them aboard his label along with other bands from Indonesia where incredible musical talent lay waiting to be introduced to...


10/31/13    Albums

Jawanza Kobie's "Feels Better Than It Sounds" Feels and Sounds Incredible.

A producer, a keyboardist and a long-time composer of soundtracks and film scores, Jawanza Kobie finally releases a Jazz album of his own compositions with himself fronting the band.


10/27/13    Albums

According to Osmany Paredes, it's "Trio Time!"

After recording with groups and solo, Osmany Paredes has released a trio album of piano, bass and drums and it works.


10/20/13    Albums

The Rhinebeck Sessions by Spyro Gyra

Spyro Gyra has been together for 40 years with their first album released in 1977. With a new drummer, the music is still fresh and fine.


10/13/13    Albums

Arborescence; the solo debut by Aaron Parks

After playing as sideman to the likes of Terence Blanchard and leader of his own quartet, Aaron Parks releases his first solo piano recording for ECM


10/10/13    Albums

Shadow Man by Tim Berne's Snakeoil

After a blistering first album--done in the studio--Tim Berne's Snakeoil returns to the studio after an early career of almost exclusively releasing live recordings.


10/02/13    Albums

Zero Cool by SHARP THREE

While never truly departing from Jazz, Goh Kurosawa and his trio cross musical borders without a passport.


10/01/13    Albums

Keith Jarrett and Michelle Makarski Uncover Bach-- Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano (ECM, 2013)

Departing the Bach performance canon, Keith Jarrett and Michelle Makarski advance a beautiful understanding of the heart of Bach.


09/23/13    Albums

"Chapter One"--the Debut Album from I Know You Well Miss Clara

In an incredible debut album, I Know You Well Miss Clara breathes fresh life into a well-loved Jazz form.


09/20/13    Albums

"Storytime" by Billy Lester

This is an adventure in piano virtuosity and expression. Billy Lester does tribute to past masters while weaving a narrative fitting of the title.


09/16/13    Albums

"Rhodopa" -- the new album by Hristo Vitchev and Liubomir Krastev

Hristo Vitchev follows up his brillant quartet album "Familiar Fields" with a heart-rending duo with clarinet virtuoso Liubomir Krastev.


09/12/13    Community Articles

Absolutely Wonderful; an Interview with Berta Rojas

As she embarks on a new tour in support of her album "Salsa Roja," Berta Rojas takes the time for an interview about the album and an amazing orchestra of "recycled instruments."


09/11/13    Albums

Allan Holdsworth's "FLATTire; Music for a Non-Existent Movie"

MoonJune Records has issued a 2013 re-release of Allan Holdworth's 2001 recording.


09/08/13    Albums

Salsa Roja; the New Album from Berta Rojas

After the sweeping success of her Jazz collaboration with Paquito D'Rivera, Berta Rojas returns with something incredible.


08/19/13    Albums

"The Facts" according to George Colligan

Piano maestro George Colligan teams with Boriz Kozlov, Donald Edwards and Jaleel Shaw to bring something wonderful.

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About Travis Rogers


Born into a musical family with a classically trained pianist mother and a choir director/pastor father, Travis Rogers Jr. began his musical education by sitting on the piano bench with his mother as she played the classics. After beginning formal lessons at the age of eight, he became interested in the history, analysis, and form of music literature.

In his teens, Travis was introduced to the recordings of Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea and a sweet madness was born.

Travis Rogers joined the JazzTimes community on Feb 29, 2012