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10/18/16    Albums

Natalie Cressman and Mike Bono's "Etchings in Amber"

Etchings in Amber is Natalie Cressman’s third album. And nothing could have prepared us for what we hear on this endearing, charming, and utterly surprising album.


07/17/16    Albums

The Mike Jones Trio Comes "Roaring"

On his second album with Capri, “Roaring” (Capri Records 74142-2), Mike Jones takes on the classics and standards from the 1920s and shines a modern lantern on them. His trio is loaded with talent in the persons of himself, Katie Thiroux (bass) and Matt...


07/15/16    Albums

Sivan Arbel Crosses "Broken Lines"

Sivan Arbel has an old school approach to melody and harmony but a novel way to enforce what she understands and composes. There is a strength as well as a delicacy to her vocals. She makes me think of Sarah Vaughan who had the raw power but also the sweetness...


07/10/16    Albums

"Butterflies Fly in Pairs" But A Bu Has Learned How to Harness Them

There are some amazing things to tell you about A Bu and then, when you listen to “Butterflies Fly in Pairs” (Sennheiser Media 566668), you need to forget them. Forget that he is only 16 years old. Forget that this is only his second album. Forget that he...


07/07/16    Albums

Ken Hatfield's "12 Preludes for Solo Guitar"

You’ve got to love Ken Hatfield. Seriously, you have no choice. You’ll see what I mean.


07/03/16    Albums

Joonsam Opens "A Door"

It’s hard to improve on a trio that features Aaron Parks on piano and Nate Woods on drums but, when bassist Joonsam Lee was ready to release his debut album as a leader, he beefed up an already formidable line-up by adding Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Yvonnick...


07/03/16    Albums

Alchemy Sound Project Sets Off on "Further Explorations"

What happens when you put five composer-performers in the same group? Something wonderful. Something transformational. Something called Alchemy Sound Project.


06/30/16    Albums

The Corey Kendrick Trio is Anything but "Rootless"

I love debut albums. They are full of promise and hope. We sit back and wonder where this or that artist has been all our lives. And we can’t wait to hear how the artist will evolve by the next album. “Rootless” by The Corey Kendrick Trio is full to the...


06/26/16    Albums

Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions Reveals the "Istanbul Underground"

In this their third outing, Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions has continued to create a musical adventure that takes you where you never thought possible. “Istanbul Underground” (on Ersahin’s own Nublu Records) is a work of extraordinary imagination, reflection...


06/26/16    Albums

Jane Ira Bloom's "Early Americans" is Right on Time

Jane Ira Bloom does what she wants when she wants and she always makes it sing. She has just released “Early Americans,” her sixth album for Outline Records (OTL 142) and her sixteenth as a leader. It is, however, her first trio album and I’m glad I was...


06/26/16    Albums

Doug MacDonald Ventures into Marathon Jazz "Just for Fun"

In 2014, Doug MacDonald was approached by his friend, executive producer Don Thomson, about recording a “Jazz marathon” in Los Angeles. Doug MacDonald agreed wholeheartedly, gathered the hottest Jazzers in LA, and “Just for Fun” (Blujazz Productions BJ3432...


06/26/16    Albums

Raul Agraz's Debut Album is Just "Between Brothers"

Venezuelan trumpeter Raul Agraz has released his debut album as a leader. “Between Brothers” (OA2 Records OA2 22127) is a fantastic and dynamic treat that features some of the best of the best—the real brothers of the music.


06/23/16    Albums

"Ellington Suite" by Ed Neumeister Breathes Fresh Life into Strayhorn and the Duke

“Suite Ellington” (PAO Records PAO11290) was originally done for Ellington’s 100th birthday in 1999. The work was brought back to life for a 2010 tour and the live recording is what has now been presented to us. An additional track, “The Single Pedal of...


06/16/16    Albums

Will Goble Entices Us to "Consider the Blues"

Consider the Blues is bassist and composer/arranger Will Goble’s second release as a leader. This album (Origin/OA2 22132) was written in 2015 with this very line-up in mind. Goble had performed with them in 2013 and “knew immediately that I wanted to record...


06/16/16    Albums

Daniel Bennett Group's "Sinking Houseboat Confusion" is Riveting!

Trying to unravel the various influences and genres of Daniel Bennett Group’s Sinking Houseboat Confusion (Manhattan Daylight Media 016) is like attempting to follow the bloodline of the Plantagenets. Listen again and again (as you will) and you will hear...


06/16/16    Albums

Listening to Michika Fukumori is "Quality Time"

Michika Fukumori has a way about her piano playing that is almost vocal. So expressive and lyrical, the piano becomes—in the truest sense—her voice. Since coming to the U.S. from her home in Mie, Japan, Michika has performed at the finest clubs and with...

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