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For as long as man has lived in society, hotels have lined his roads, offering weary travelers a safe and comfortable shelter for the night. Civilization evolved, and over the course of the past two hundred years or so, opulent and magnanimous hotels were erected and now stand before our eyes as marvels and achievements of our society. Places like The Savoy in London and the Inter-Continental Hotel in Paris have established themselves throughout their history as bedrocks of prestige and luxury service. The Chelsea in New York City, originally built in the heart of the city's theatre district, has housed artists for over one hundred years and today remains the hub for a thriving, creative subculture.

And so for Washington's famed H Street corridor we offer "The Rock and Roll Hotel." The sound and thrill of live performance reverberates throughout the ground floor, while themed rooms are, in the same vein of the above-mentioned establishments, available (for a small fee) for the night. We hope to merge these two decorated lifestyles of the rock scene and the hosted experience of the night in the hopes of providing an unforgettable experience for whatever your travels may be.

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