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07/24/12    Community Articles

Reflections on the Stanley Crouch, Mtume Debate on Modern Jazz

After all, one of the greatest contributions that jazz has made to the black community is informing the world that we're not the frivolous and thoughtless people in which we'd previously been portrayed. The harmonic complexity of bebop served to bring the...


07/15/12    Community Articles

Presenting Ms Rita Edmond

Ms Rita Edmond's entry into the International Sarah Vaughan Competition may signal the rise of a new diva in the world of jazz.

12/06/11    Community Articles

A Swingin' Affair

Dex Took the chords The keyboard played, And danced around each note; Then shuffled 'em Like a deck of cards, And didn't miss a stroke.

12/06/11    Community Articles

Jackie McLean

With his furious attack he could take you back To the beauty of Yardbird’s song, But that solemn moan made it all his own, As burning passion flowed lush from his horn.

11/23/11    Community Articles

The Man

Then HE came on stage to a mighty roar, as bustling humanity hung all out the door. A quiet MAN, of knowledge and taste, yet HIS presence sent a chill through the place! Then flash became silence, and glitz bled to awe. Pure greatness just glistened from...

11/16/11    Community Articles

Ms. Rita Edmond: A Glance at Destiny

Rita Edmond is far from just another entertainer. This lady is the consummate artist. While she has a four octave range, unlike lesser singers, she never uses it frivolously just to say to the audience “look what I can do.” She never over-sings, and she...

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