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About Pearla Mutombo


Pearla Biamba Mutombo, (May 28, 1985) is an African Model and Actor. She has been modeling and acting in the city of New Orleans since 2003. She co-founded the Pearla Mutombo Foundation, non-profit that will be focused on aiding local children dealing with Autism . with her moto "Where hope Lives", which is now in process of being established and is looking for a firm location.

She is an aspiring Law Student, she's currently attending Tulane Law School- pursuing a dual degree a JD, in International Law: trade and commerce and an MBA in Linguistic and architecture. Mutombo has released her portfolio on,,,,,, and other media outlets. She aspire helping people the best way she can by working together with those she meets.

Pearla Mutombo was Born in Zaire, in the city of kinshasa, a country which is now called Democratic Republic of Congo. she was born to Brigette Maguma and Selou Ntumba. Her mother own a shoe shop and her father and entrepreneur.Though her parents never married, Mutombo grew up in middle class family with her half sister Edith and her grand-mother, Mama Mbuta.

She grew up in a rather loving family, until tragedy struck her family in the summer of 1992. At the tender age of 8, she lost her mother to an illness. Being forced to relocate to her father's extended family. Mutombo spent the next years, being shifting within different households with extend relatives.

At 18, a month before her high school graduation, she received a phone call notifying her of her father's passing of a heart attack. With these tragedies, Mutombo made the best of what she could. In spite of being abandoned and cut off from the family, by her distant relatives right after the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she did not fall short of her goals.

Mutombo went of on to getting involved with Big Brother Big Sister Program, participating in the Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship Pageant and even starting her own non-profit foundation without looking back at her own tragedies only looking forward. she said "the best lessons that I've learned in life was accepting that i was an orphan and knowing that i could only count on myself and no one else." She started modeling in summer of 2006, with the acquaintances of local photographer/friend Brian Perkins, Jafar Pierre and local Designer Carolina Gallop. She also served as a teacher and volunteer at Christ Church Cathedral and St. Anna's Episcopal Church. She has been apart of the New Orleans Recovery School District, but teaching math to grades 1-8. She's a supporter of the New Orleans Public Library foundation and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

In May of 2010, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a concentration on Journalism and Pre-law; with a minor in French. She is fluent in five languages (English, French, Spanish and two African Dialect).

she quotes on of her many icon, Maya Angelou who said in many of her quotes, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. "

Pearla Mutombo joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 20, 2011