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09/10/14    Albums

Low Life-- Holly Hofmann

The alto flute is the most entrancing member of that family of instruments, with its rich and resonant sound, and Holly Hofmann has featured it in her live performances of late when playing Pat Metheny's "Farmer's Trust." Audience members, some brought to...


09/01/14    Albums

Great Voices of Harlem-- Gregory Porter / Donald Smith / Mansur Scott

The link connecting vocalists Gregory Porter, Donald Smith, and Mansur Scott is the now defunct St. Nick's Pub, where all three performed and where Austrian trombonist, bandleader, record producer, and farmer Paul Zauner heard each of them during his annual...


08/17/14    Albums

Ugandan Suite-- Felipe Salles

The Brazilian saxophonist-composer-arranger Felipe Salles is becoming known for his ambitious, successfully realized projects such as the 2007 South American Suite and the 2012 Departure, the latter a Brazilian and modern classical fusion. The Ugandan Suite...


08/06/14    Albums

For the Love of Lori-- Charles Davis

Davis dedicated this CD to his wife Lori, who was lost to cancer in 2012, and the music runs the gamut of emotions from wistful to celebratory. The titles of three of the tunes played are perhaps the clearest indication of Davis' mindset coming into this...


08/05/14    Albums

Gotham-- Tyler Blanton

Tyler Blanton's second CD is a kind of musical portrait of the native Californian's first seven years in New York, trying to persevere and succeed as a jazz musician in the intense and competitive atmosphere of Gotham. The front album cover depicts a larger...


07/29/14    Albums

Latin Jazz Underground-- Mark Weinstein

This should go down as one of the most intriguing Latin jazz releases of 2014 in terms of concept and execution. Cuban-born pianist Aruán Ortiz, who previously did the string arrangements for flutist Mark Weinstein's 2011 album, El Cumbanchero, came up with...


07/22/14    Albums

For Us, The Living-- Andrew Hadro

Andrew Hadro's debut CD was inspired by Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013, the year of this recording session. The baritone saxophonist-flutist writes in his note to the CD that "Lincoln's speech urged Americans...


07/15/14    Albums

Stories from the Years of Living Passionately-- Noshir Mody

The self-taught guitarist Noshir Mody was born and raised in Bombay, India, where early on he was inspired by Indian classical music, Al DiMeola's Elegant Gypsy, Bollywood soundtracks, and prominent rock and jazz guitarists. Since coming to New York in 1995...


07/08/14    Albums

Strength In Numbers-- The Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra

After Pete McGuinness' last album, Voice Like a Horn, showcased the trombonist, composer, and arranger's Chet Baker-styled vocals, he returns for the second time on CD to the jazz orchestra he formed back in 2006. McGuinness studied with Bob Brookmeyer and...


07/01/14    Albums

Free Fall-- Western Jazz Quartet

Felix Baumgartner's historic sky jump on October 14, 2012 set records for height (24 miles) and free fall speed (843.6 mph), and the evocative music on this CD is both a tribute to, and a soundtrack for, his daring endeavor. The titles of many of the nine...


06/25/14    Albums

This Side of Mestizaje-- Alex Garcia's AfroMantra

Since its formation 13 years ago, drummer Alex Garcia's AfroMantra has become one of the best Latin jazz bands based in New York, and yet this is the first CD since the 2006 Uplifting Spirit brought the group wider media exposure and was named one of the...


06/17/14    Albums

The L.A. Treasures Project-- The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

The aim of this CD is to pay tribute to the very talented and long admired West Coast vocalists Ernie Andrews and Barbara Morrison, but a third "L.A. Treasure" is celebrated here as well, namely the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (CHJO), formed in 1985...


06/10/14    Albums

Pixel Queen-- Jeremy Manasia

After listening to this superb CD, most should agree that Jeremy Manasia is high on the list of jazz pianists deserving wider recognition. Certainly the expansive expressiveness of Manasia's playing and his credentials warrant such an evaluation. While at...


06/03/14    Albums

In the Nature of Things-- Leslie Pintchik

One would have difficulty thinking of a jazz pianist with a lighter, more pristine touch than that of Leslie Pintchik. The pianist's sound lends itself well to her eight distinctive originals plus one standard on this CD, especially the six tracks featuring...


05/28/14    Albums

Fourteen-- Dan Weiss

Fourteen is drummer Dan Weiss' 37-minute through-composed work that derives its title from the 14 musicians (including himself) that Weiss carefully chose to perform it, many of whom he specifically had in mind when he began the project in 2010. The instrumentation...


05/20/14    Albums

Memoir-- Libby York

Libby York has been compared to so-called Cool School jazz singers such as June Christy, Chris Connor, and Helen Merrill, and also to Diana Krall, but she is perhaps closer in terms of vocal quality and range, precise articulation, and easeful sense of rhythm...

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