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June 2007    Tangents

The Baby Boomer's Guide to Jazz-Festival Survival

If you’re a jazz-loving baby boomer and you want to attend a jazz festival this summer, there is one steadfast rule you must follow: Remember how old you are. In the mid-’50s, when the Newport Jazz Festival gave birth to the idea of getting scores of jazz...


January/February 2007    Tangents

Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Recently I took a young relative to her first live jazz performance. We were celebrating her 21st birthday and agreed that a dinner at a jazz club would be a very sophisticated and ‘adult’ thing to do. All the elements were in place for a fine evening of...

November 2006    Tangents

Confessions of a (Former) Smooth-Jazz DJ

The one-sided battle in the war against smooth jazz still rages. The mainstream jazzerati continue to fume, foam, fulminate and fuss about how some people think that music has something to do with jazz. But how many hardcore jazz lovers have actually spent...


October 2006    Tangents

The Desperate Wives of Dentists (and the Death of Jazz Radio)

“What is ruining jazz radio today?” This was a recent topic of discussion between an acquaintance and me. He said jazz radio was suffering a worrisome onslaught of CDs from white guitar players with moustaches. For my part, I said that I was most afraid...

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