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12/24/13    Albums

The Original Mono Recordings
Miles Davis

There’s a tendency to consider monaural recordings as stuff for the hoi polloi, what you got back in the late 1950s and early ’60s if you weren’t well-heeled enough to have high-end stereo equipment. But as this nine-disc box makes plain, mono, so far as...


05/21/13    Features

Bryan Ferry's Old, Unknown World

Roxy Music singer recasts his hits in 'The Jazz Age'


02/17/13    Albums

The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-1965
Charles Mingus

Certain Mosaic boxes pull rank on others, no small accomplishment given the unilateral quality of the company’s various releases. This particular set, though, is one of the half dozen or so true heavies: an epic slab of absolutely vital—and vanguard—1960s...


11/20/12    Albums

Live in Paris
The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie

As one of rock’s most eloquent drummers—and one who never lacked for groove—Charlie Watts always seemed like he’d be a boogie-woogie natural, even if the Rolling Stones tended to avoid that medium. But this is boogie-woogie central here, as you’d expect...


07/30/12    Albums

Kenny Drew/Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen

This is about as convivial as jazz gets, and if you like listening to music that feels like it’s talking to you, Kenny Drew and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen are close to ideal companions. Which makes sense, given the rapport so in evidence on these sessions...


07/27/12    Albums

Bill Dixon

Bracingly conceptual, trumpeter Bill Dixon’s live Envoi is for the listener whose tastes run towards the heady. If you’re prone to nodding in agreement as you listen to something like Ornette Coleman’s Swedish recordings for Blue Note, here are your latest...


05/11/12    Albums

Twin Bill: Two Piano Music of Bill Evans
Alan Pasqua

An album intended as an homage to Bill Evans can be a bit of tricky business, given how dissociative Evans’ playing could be. There is not a single player that one might mistake for him, and few that can be recognized faster. This provides an opportunity...


01/29/12    Albums

The Bowie Variations
Mike Garson

Having immersed yourself in an album that purports to be an extension on assorted musical themes by rock composer David Bowie, you might be surprised to find yourself not thinking about Bowie at all. Albums of this nature sometimes function as glorified...


01/25/12    Albums

Post Scriptum
Wolfert Brederode Quartet

When a jazz band is able to strike a balance with music that is brooding and personal yet outward and approachable, listeners who otherwise wouldn’t agree on much are in for a shared treat. This second album from Dutch pianist Wolfert Brederode’s international...


12/28/11    Albums

The Windmills of Your Mind
Paul Motian

On one of his last releases, Motian teams with Bill Frisell, Petra Haden and Thomas Morgan


12/27/11    Albums

Oscar Peterson

Zenph's incredible technology reanimates the artistry of another deceased master


12/06/11    Albums

The Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings of the Modern Jazz Quartet 1956-64
The Modern Jazz Quartet

The Modern Jazz Quartet has typically been slotted a notch below the top jazz ensembles: a worthy enough unit, but also a source of consternation for fans of the genre, given how readily the band transcended it. They are certainly the most Bach-ian of jazz...


07/10/11    Albums

The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick, Columbia and Master Recordings of Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
Duke Ellington

Mosaic isn’t exactly mucking around on this gargantuan 11-disc set that essentially distills the first grand age of Ellingtonia into the contents of one box set. There would, of course, be other ages of comparable majesty, but this set represents the first...


March 2011    Albums

Mosaic Select 36
John Carter and Bobby Bradford

If you’re an admirer of saxophonist-clarinetist John Carter and trumpeter Bobby Bradford’s musical union, you’ll surely appreciate the invaluable service provided by Mosaic with this three-disc set. Previously, if you wanted to hear these two West Coast...


October 2010    Albums

Natural Causes
Steve Tibbetts

As music to get lost in, this Steve Tibbetts album is state of the art. Featuring only Tibbetts on guitar, piano, kalimba and bouzouki and Marc Anderson on percussion—including a range of gongs—this is a decidedly Eastern disc, as though it were sourced...


08/04/09    Albums

The Trouble With Love
Richard Burgin

An enlightening hybrid, Richard Burgin’s The Trouble With Love is the rare album that ably sets one mood inside of another. With vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Cefalu performing Burgin’s songs—and venturing from fuzzed-up Little Walter-style harp solos...

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