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About Mayhue Bostic


Mayhue Bostic was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His father and uncle both played instruments and young Mayhue's first exposure to playing music began with flute lessons in the third grade. He quickly graduated to trumpet, then sousaphone, which he played through high school with the marching band. However, in 1972, at the impressionable age of 12, Mayhue began his journey with the guitar. At first, he was schooled in classical guitar. In spite of the technical training and appreciation for the traditional music, Mayhue was also being influenced by the times, and began a whirlwind romance with the guitar heros of the day. Mayhue cites Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and David Gilmour among others, that steered him from classical guitar, to classic rock guitar.

It was as a teen that Mayhue's influences broadened even further. Along with rock, fusion and funk were in heavy rotation on the exploding music scene and the jazz flavors embraced by both styles left Mayhue craving to learn more about the true roots of jazz guitar. He did just that by studying with noted author and teacher Warren Nunes (The Jazz Chord Bible) in San Francisco, and with Berklee alum, Jon Wheatley in Boston. "Branching out was essential for me to develop my own thing." he states, "All of my formal training mixed with my love of diverse styles really shapes how I play."

His rock roots kept him in-demand and Mayhue gained an incredible amount of experience from his "working musician" period of hauling your own gear, doing your own sound checks, and playing 5 sets a night. In his twenties he toured regionally with larger acts in bigger venues and shared billings with national acts, opening for the likes of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. In 2005, Mayhue had the unique opportunity to tour Italy with the Betty Pride Blues Band, culminating with a lively gig at the Centro Jazz Festival in the city of Torino. He remembers this tour as one of the highlights of his musical career.

Mayhue's concentration these days is classic and contemporary jazz and funk by performing solo and ensemble in several Carolina venues such as: The Brown Street Jazz Club, High Cotton, Blues Boulevard Jazz Club, and The Burgundy Blues Jazz Club. He also keeps up his rock, blues, fusion, and R&B chops by jamming and recording with various local artists. Mayhue cites his hometown of Greenville, SC as a big plus for a multi-styled guitarist, "The music scene in Greenville is going strong. You can find every kind of music out there from country to avant-garde jazz." As a result, you may find him around town sitting in with coffeehouse acts or under the bright stage lights of the area's larger venues.

Also active as an educator, Mayhue has a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Morris College, and has taught guitar professionally for over 18 years. "My time at Morris really opened up my mind to see music as a career. The variety of related subjects and the people I met there helped me recognize what I wanted to accomplish with my abilities." He is a newly appointed faculty member of the Greenville Guitar Academy, near his home in South Carolina. "Helping a novice guitarist discover their inner talent can be very rewarding." Mayhue says. "I've taught young and old alike and I'm constantly amazed at how music unifies us." It's his passion and drive that is infectious and puts his students at ease and fully involved in the learning process.

So far Mayhue's guitar journey has been a fulfilling one. He is proud of his accomplishments, humbled by his good fortune, inspired by his fellow musicians, and looks forward to seeing where his future will lead him.

Mayhue Bostic joined the JazzTimes community on Jul 17, 2011