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About Jack Clinton Looney

Born October 4, 1957 in Wimpole Park, Cambridge County, England, in a Military Hospital built in a private walled-park, owned by poet Rudyard Kipling's sister, to avoid The Blitzkrieg. My mother is Ruby Maxine Craig Looney. My father was a finance-officer, and then an Internal Auditor and Utilities Rates Analyst for The City of Lubbock, Ervin Paul Looney. I am a 9th generation American. Descended from Michael Looney, who immigrated from The Isle Of Man in about 1700. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution and settled the new territory in Daniel Boone's settlement.

My father was in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years, till 1969. We retired to Lubbock, Texas when I was eleven. Before we retired, we lived in England, Montgomery Alabama, Aberdeen Mississippi, Istanbul Turkey, and Dayton Ohio.

I went to Evans Jr. Hi in Lubbock, and lived at 3605 63rd Drive, in a two-story, red-brick, colonial mansion with big, tall fluted columns. I had a rose and trumpet vine and strawberry garden. I bought my candy-apple-red sunburst 1969 Les Paul Custom in 8th Grade new, with $475 I earned on my paper-route. I sang in the boys' choir in 8th grade, the mixed choir in 9th grade, took music theory from Dr. Zablotney in 10th grade, played my electric guitar in the Monterey Stage Band as a Senior.

My Uncle, Joe Looney was listed in Downbeat Magazine as one of the best guitarists in New Mexico in the late 1940's, and he had two gold-top 1952 Les Pauls, factory-ordered, when they came out. Joe and my dad went to East Texas State College, where Dad read the sheet music to Joe, who was legally blind since age twelve, and Joe played in the Jazz Big Band and learned classic big-band tunes as they entered the charts in the nineteen-fourties, and Dad learned to play violin like Fritz Kriesler. Dad bought me Mel Bay Orchestral Guitar books, from which I learned inversions and progressions, and Joe taught me comp bass lines like Joe Pass plays, and leads like country pickers like the Bob Wills,s guitar players play. I stumbled-along over the years and by experiment, without knowing who he was, learned to pick with the edge of my thumb and with my fingers like Wes Montgomery.

I went through Texas Tech University in 3 years, with a music theory minor. I studied under Dr. Jeanne Van Appledorn, an award-winning Twentieth Century serious-music composer. I got a Doctorate from Texas Tech Law School. I practiced law for 14 years till 1996.

My best friend was my dad, who died when I was twenty-one, on the first day of winter, when he was fifty-two. My college mentor was Dr. Lewis Davies, who taught me The Sociology Of Leisure, and invited me to The Unitarian Universalist Church, and gave me the inspiration to become a lawyer.

I have a seven-foot Baldwin grand-piano, which I play in a semi Fats Waller stride style. I have a Wes Montgomery carved-top Washburn jazz-box electric hollow-body guitar, a Gibson Gold-Top Les Paul with P90's, a Gibson Les Paul 28-inch neck baritone electric guitar which drop-tunes down a fifth.

I write jazz-pop-standard like songs in the vein of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, and Stardust, or Deep Purple, or Tenderly, or Laura, and 1960's-esque songs in the general style of The Beatles songs like Michelle, and Julia, and Martha My Dear.

I sing in The Lubbock Chorale with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, and I also sing with The Singing Plainsmen Barbershop Chorus.

I'm a MasterGardener. I have 150 intensely fragrant roses in my yard. I like to grow volunteer sunflowers head-high, and to nurture lady-bugs and butterflies on milkweed, and to grow wildflowers and weeds. I'm a Naturalist.

I was the president of The First Unitarian Universalist Church in Lubbock, in 1994-to-1995. I was excommunicated from the Lubbock UU Church in absentia when I was in jail in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2007 for fighting with my psychologist femme-fetal. I am a member of The Unitarian Univeralist Church Of The Larger Fellowship, since the local congregation seems too small-minded to hold me. I attend The Lubbock Interfaith Dialogue at Saint John's Methodist Church, monthly, where people from different religions gather to find higher common ground. I was confirmed as a Methodist at age 12, after a childhood of nomadic protestant chapel-ism in the Air Force. I was a Sunbeam as a Southern Baptist when I was four, in Aberdeen, Mississippi, where my father was excommunicated for decrying the rule that Black People had to sit in the balcony, back in 1961. I learned to garden from Vacation Bible School when I was in first-grade in Minot, North Dakota, when my Bible School teacher had us to grow pinto beans in a mayonaise-jar lid.

In June 2007, after living in homeless shelters in Northampton and Turner Falls, Massachusetts after I got out of jail, I came back to Lubbock after my 2006 rescue of my femme-fetal, the current Shelley Renee Janiczek Woodson Remschneider. Shelley's current husband played cello on some of the Smashing Pumpkins records. Shelley is the curator of the Jack Clinton Looney Prisoner Of Love Memorial Museum, located in The Ferry Tavern, at the corner of Parish Hill Road and Ferry Hill Road in Granby, Massachusetts, where select people may view my bookcases, teak rocking chairs, walnut pool-table, my poetry and writings, notebooks, journals, letters, photographs, and play my 1985 Ebony Baldwin Upright Grand Piano, and my 1954 Guild switchmaster, my Schecter 7 string electric guitar, and many other guitars and bass guitars, and play my red-sparkle Ludwig Hollywood drumkit, and my several bass guitars, through my several Fender tube-heads, huge Fender cabinet, several Sunn monster cabinets, and my Model T, and my many Peaveys, and sing through my several P.A.'s, and garden with my specialized dutch bulb augers, stainless-steel spades, and fix their cars with tools from my several big Craftsman tools cabinets.

Since October 2007, I have been recruiting, shepherding, collecting from and supplying newspapers to homeless and underemployed people in Lubbock, and I work on Sundays, intensely, and have most of the week free.

I just bought a Zildjian ZHT 24-inch rariety 2011 ride-cymbal and a pair of Turkish hand-made Masterworks Jazz Master sixteen-inch hi-hat cymbals to go with my no-wrap Ludwig shell-kit with rumble-mounts on the toms.

I am five-nine, weigh 128, am strong, brown-headed and eyed, and boyishly handsome.

I go to The Rose Roundtable group for rosebush growers, and to The South Plains Iris Society, for Iris flower growers, and to the Lubbock Mastergardener meetings. I have volunteered hundreds of hours at The Lubbock Arboretum, trimming trees and maintaining the Rose Garden. I have been a volunteer for Contact Lubbock, where I manned a suicide prevention hotline. I have cats and a dog and birds, and wildbirds and a turtle, who I saved when someone ran it over and left it bleeding. I have 3 formerly homeless people who rent bedrooms from me in my 3500 square-foot house. I go help new Square-Dancers learn how to dance. I fix supper for my mom and my sister, her daughter and her husband every time my mom is too tierd to on Wednesday.

I'm an elected Precinct Chairman for The Democratic Party. I'm a liberal, an atheist, and I subscribe to the local newspaper, to the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and to about seventy magazines, from Downbeat, Rolling Stone, ToneQuest, Guitar-Player, to Audobon, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Miller-McClune, The Week, Newsweek, Time, Poetry, The London Review of Books, Popular Mechanics, and on and on. I'm an unabashed intellectual. I am not a snob. I am a Jeffersonian. I like to cuss in a friendly way, using the old English vernacular which has so well served generation after generation of Anglo Saxons. My male ancestors were Vikings that invaded The Isle Of Man.

My son is Clinton Donovan Looney, and is a psychologist who lives in the Boulder, Colorado area. Clint is such an integrated human being, that I would like to find a woman and populate the earth with such philosophers as Clint, who like me, is a John Lennon aficianado.

In order to create additonal heirs with whom Clint can continue to carry on our Manx Family Traditions, I would like to find a five-foot-nine svelte red-headed, freckled-faced, green-eyed, left-handed descendant of Thomas Jefferson, or of Thomas Payne, or of Aaron Burr, who could propagate as prodigiously as Sally Hemings, and sing with me like Mary Ford, and with whom we could create our own Cowsills singing dynasty.

My dad's grandmother Looney was a red-headed daughter of a German Medical Doctor, Hoecker who was trained in germ-theory in Vienna, and was the son of a Baron, and immigrated to the USA in about 1859, to avoid the Germanic Civil Wars, just in time to serve as a leader of escape parties for Southern Soldiers who were imprisoned by The Northern Armies. Great Grandpa Ervin Edison Looney came to Texas from Tennesse with dowry money from Dr. Hoecker, and co-built the first two electrictified cotton-gins in Ladonia and Commerce, Northeast of Dallas, before The Great Depression.

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