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11/20/14    Community Articles

An Interview With Bassist Joe Sanders

Monique Avakian interviews Bassist Joe Sanders about his life, art, collaborators and upcoming projects.

10/05/14    Community Articles

Julius Rodriguez and Friends/Jazz at Lincoln Center

A rapidly evolving group of young jazz musicians, most around the age of 16, carry us forth across dimensions of hope and joy. Julius Rodriguez Trio with Paul Sikivie-Bass Charles Goold-Drums with special guests: Brandon Woody-Trumpet...

02/16/14    Albums

Enter the Dynasty -- Dontae Winslow Mashica Winslow Ransom Entertainment

Intimate and accessible. Innovative, yet infused with tradition. This album invites multiple listens and offers rich delight.

08/05/13    Community Articles

MONK: The Lost Files

The packed room was responsive and eager for this fresh tribute to Thelonious Monk!

01/30/13    Community Articles

If You Haven’t Seen Mary Halvorson Live Yet, What the Heck is the Matter With You?

I could also let you know that BOTH SETS of her Reverse Blue show (Jan. 4, 2013, Cornelia Street) were sold out, so, WOW, can we hear it for the individual showing us how to be successful in this crazy economy? Now, come on!

01/30/13    Albums

40Twenty: A Perpetual Puzzle Unfolding by Monique Avakian

Given the level of chaos most of us are experiencing nowadays, who wouldn’t want to feel safe enough to hear water become granite or steel turn to flax?

12/18/12    Albums

40Twenty: A Perpetual Puzzle Unfolding

This is an album that will simultaneously plant your feet and blow your mind. Garchik, Sperrazza, Sacks, Ambrosio.

09/10/12    Albums

Barcelona Holiday! Yeah!

This trio (Vinnie Sperrazza, Jacob Sacks, Masa Kamaguchi) transmogrifies each selection into a unique expression using ideas and techniques that are immediate as well as mysterious. (BTW: every track is a recorded live Take 1!)

08/13/12    Community Articles

Dan Weiss and Ari Hoenig Drum Duo Live at Cornelia Street Cafe, 8/12/12

How in the world can any writer do justice to this level of musicianship? There is no single adjective in existence that will suffice!

03/07/12    Community Articles

Review -- live show: Joe Sanders' Bass(ed) Imagination, March 3, 2012

with fellow bassists Shawn Conley, Ryan Berg, and Christopher Mees, as well as saxophonist Pat Carroll, pianist Romain Collin, and drummer Justin Brown.

07/15/11    Community Articles

If This is Doom’s Day, Then I am Ready for the Rapture...Doomsayer Live at Cornelia Street

So soft were the 6 at the end, that I worried about the growing amplification of my pen scratching across the page! This was a very cool feeling, as if I truly had left the room along with everyone else and was now just returning to materialize as part of...


06/04/11    Albums

Album Review: 4inObjects

Yoon Sun Choi - voice and compositions Jacob Garchik - trombone Jacob Sacks - piano David Ambrosio - bass Dan Weiss - drums 4inObjects is a New York based jazz collective. Although the current lineup dates to 2001, members of 4inObjects have...

06/04/11    Community Articles

REVIEW—LIVE SHOW: The Neel Murgai Ensemble, May 14, 2011

Personnel: Neel Murgai on sitar, voice Mat Maneri on viola Marika Hughes on cello Sameer Gupta on tabla

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